Barbara Rumi

Barbara is a creative multi-linguist, Dutch native and part of a trilingual family. She was raised in the Netherlands, where she also studied. Barbara has a Bachelor's degree in International Business and Languages and she worked for 15 years in international sales, marketing and communication positions in the Netherlands. As well as in Italy, where she lived for 10 years. Barbara now resides in the US (Michigan) and is a freelance translator and writer. A few years ago, she decided to get more out of her travel passion and started writing articles and travel itineraries for the destinations that she has visited.
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Latest Articles
Cinque Terre and Beyond

Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. These five picturesque villages - clinging to the rocky coast ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Discover Central Italy

Think of all that you love about Italy, and you'll find it in this central region home to hundreds of charming small hill ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Beautiful and Wineful Tuscany

The Tuscan winding roads take you along the most spectacular sceneries Italy has to offer. It seems that every aspect of ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Discover Riviera di Ponente, the land of the setting sun

A pristine corner of Italy, Liguria’s “Riviera di Ponente” - that stretches from Genoa westward to the French border ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Langhe, breathtaking landscapes, picturesque hamlets and excellent Italian gastronomy

A stunningly beautiful area of rolling hills, on which rest ancient villages, picturesque hamlets, medieval towers, and castles. ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
My Favorite Lighthouse Stays

Are you looking for a unique idea for a family vacation or weekend getaway? Go full sail on the nautical theme and consider ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
A Journey Along the Authentic Northern Coast of Spain

Northern Spain, this corner of the Iberian Peninsula seems like an entirely different country, here you get a real feel for ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
A visit to historical Madrid and ambitious Valencia

Madrid's exciting atmosphere and cultural treasures win the hearts of many visitors. From buzzing plazas, cultural sites, ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Exploring Catalonia

Catalonia, or Catalunya in Spanish, is truly diverse, with its own language and its own unique culture. Bordered by mountains ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
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