Located in Santa Clara, California, California's Great America is the largest amusement park in the Northern region of the state of California. The park was formerly known as Paramount's Great America. In 2007, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company decided to drop Paramount from the name of the park and replace it with the name California a year after.

California's Great America is widely known as the amusement park that has the most number of thrill rides, each offering its visitors an adrenalin rush that they would not find anywhere else. There are over 50 different thrill rides, roller coasters and attractions that are scattered all over the park to suite visitors of all ages. One of the most popular attractions in the park is Survivor: the Ride. Based on the Emmy-award winning reality television show, "Survivor" the Ride takes you through an incredible journey complete with torches towering 40 feet high, tribal relics and lush green landscapes. Just like in the popular television series, visitors are divided into two tribes and find themselves competing in challenges and for immunity. The highlight of the attraction is a ride on a circular vessel where the tribe members are strapped facing outwards as it rocks and spins while crisscrossing rugged terrains and man-made hills.

Apart from this, California's Great America is also home to the Boomerang Beach Bay Club, an Australian-themed water park. Opened during the summer months, the beach club offers numerous water slides and a huge heated lagoon set within a tropical environment where families can swim, sunbathe and enjoy a great big splash.