Promoting Sustainable Tourism

Been to Venice?

The main section that we use to model our rating system at this time is that of Venice attractions. So if you've been to Venice at least once. Please take a few minutes to rate and mark places you've visited there.

Although tourism can feel rewarding for travelers and business owners, overtourism has become a major problem for local people in many places around the world. Our goal at Goparoo is to create a destination and local discovery guide that can help dissipate some of the overtourism pressure points.

To help us achieve we aim to:

  • Constantly improve our ratings algorithm and tourism level markers to help you find great and more "off the beaten path" places.
  • An interesting multi-level geo-categorization of places that you can zoom in and out of.
  • Provide an ad-free experience for those who sign up and participate in rating places.
  • Provide good summaries of places to visit.
  • Save places you mark as visited for your eyes and own benefit only.

Please note that we do not ask for anything more than a validation email (no access to personal info, friends list, etc.) when you sign up. You are always unsubscribed by default to any mailing list.

We also value authentic experiences:

  • Take it slow. Avoid organized tours that will bounce you from place to place.
  • Try to learn some of the local's language.
  • Be respectful and eco-responsible.
  • Buy local in less touristic areas.
  • Cut off from wifi and cellular network while visiting as most as possible.