Amina Youcef Khodja

 AKY Laines exclusively designs traditional Algerian heritage outfits, updated with a contemporary twist. For example, the CARACO Algérois is designed in three pieces to be worn in traditional or contemporary. The choice of the raw material is studied in order to appreciate the knitted product: silk thread, acrylic/wool blend, wool/cashmere etc.

The KACHABIA, a modernized djellaba shape, practical to wear, is thus knitted with national heritage carpet designs (Ghardaïa, Ait Hichem, Maatka, Kalaa …).

The use of this craft by AKY Laines is not limited to the article worn. AKY Laines also designs bedspreads, wall panels, scarves, reflecting the history of Algeria by their Jacquard.

Amina Youcef Khodja has chosen to highlight his side artist and creator. Raised in the traditions of manual labor, when aunts and grandmothers met on Ramadhan evenings when after a long day of youth, they excel at knitting, embroidery and crochet art. It is this very warm atmosphere that Amina finds while knitting. 

The first concerns the knitting of traditional clothes, where the respect of the standards of a CARACO Algérois, or a Constantine GANDOURA is the main concern of Amina.

The second concerns domestic knitting techniques that are automatically adapted to the model by the very specific choice of the raw material. The manual remeshing automatically follows the assembly of the pieces.

The processing of raw materials is designed to give a long life to the finished product. The message conveyed by the meaning of the symbols in Jacquard is authentic.

We find traditional motifs such as the Ghardaia Gandoura, the famous Kabyle jewel “Tabzimt”, the southern cross “Agades”, the hand of Fatma, the Berber symbol …

A craft inherited from a passionate mother and transmitted with love for the mesh, or from mother to daughter, the science appreciated it of a more research and creativity, as well in the Jacquard as in the form of the models.

Unanimous recognition for his outstanding achievements and creativity. Selected at many national and international shows and events.


Born in Algeria in November 1967, Fatiha immigrated to France at the age of 4 with her family. Although she has had studies that have nothing to do with art in general, she has always been drawn to this world of mysteries and creations. Until the day when Fatiha had the courage to take the plunge. She has therefore taken her first steps as an autodidact, through oils and pastels in a figurative sense.

One day, she caught the penetrating gaze of an Afghan girl in a photo called The Unknown.

And there! It was: REVELATION !! which marked the beginning of a series of canvases with the main theme Woman.

His growing passion and the assurance of his brushstroke have allowed him to put an innovative style on the canvas, where acrylic, oil and color intensity combine successfully.

The routine is not her forte, she wanted to explore other areas of this world. Fatiha has therefore embarked on a design by creating luminaire “tableau luminaire”, and in sculpture.

Massinissa Belkessa

Memory in the heart of the winds, the translucent sensibility and the sun in the veins, Massi, as his friends call him, is astonished still as a child, and surprised in his turn, by surprise and talent, those who receive his light.

At almost 40 years old, he is already outside time and in his pastels and canvases unveils passages to universality; perhaps because, very young, he frequented the museums of Montpellier, Marseilles and Algiers, to reproduce the works of the great masters by allowing himself to live by the ancient silences.

Only the first truths illuminate his universe. No place at random. One can not read his “delirium” without seeing him offer himself territories of passions and suffer from inaccessible perfection.

Orza Tanem

Pursuing her childhood dream, in search of a means of expression capable of claiming the equivalence of a universal language, Orza gives her soul to painting, in a free and fruitful movement.

She focuses on her white canvas, a brush in her hand, without any detour, without concern for realism, without compromise, the artist oscillates between the line and the rhythm between the exposure of the color and the intuition of the form, and the canvas emits a striking vibration.

The painting of Orza appears as a feat of the astonishing gesture, between abstraction and expression, between movement and fixity, the impression of a gushing atmosphere as if the painting itself announced its own becoming.

The violent gesture that energizes the space of the canvas does not cancel or finish anything, simply the forms are already very marked, by the powerful yellow, blue blues, inspired directly from the visual memories of the many travels of the artist. If the influence of her painting is difficult to define, it can be said that the natural and a certain freshness prevailing deeply.

Less concerned with the balance of the masses, Orza paints the landscapes, the still lifes, or the characters with pleasure and success.

The refinement and the caressing fluidity of the touch create a harmony that reflects a promising talent.

Said Djaballah

Saïd Djaballah graduated in Arabic calligraphy from the Beaux Arts of Egypt. After collaborating on the production of large frescoes for mosques in Algeria, he is gradually moving towards ceramics, then settles in his workshops in 1997. Tonton Saïd – that is what craftsmen and apprentices call him, is always ready to advise and help young people to get started. He trains himself several young people each year.

Arabesque fresco

Said Djaballah actively participates in the decoration of urban spaces of different municipalities; his trompe-l’oeil frescoes give the illusion of the image through writing and thus invite to travel.

Bay of Algiers

He has participated in many international exhibitions in Algiers, Paris, New York, Beirut, Tunis, Lisbon, Qatar and Dubai, and several medals and awards are on his record.

Samir Hamiane

Samir Hamiane graduated from the Fine Arts of Algiers, after an artistic stay in Italy, is gradually moving towards ceramics. Several international exhibitions in Algiers, Paris, Seville, Tunis, Lisbon, Qatar, Dubai and Marseille.

Ceramist of the art of an international rank, Samir Hamiane today is a model of success in Algeria.

He paints the earthenware he makes by turning, stamping, glazing and decorated by hand in his workshops. He makes useful pieces for the house: boxes, lamps, vases, tajines, tureens, pitchers and table services.

It is inspired by the Berber goldsmith’s style and with a touch of modernity to give birth with a perfect symbiosis to exceptional products. He also makes custom tiles for villas, hotels and restaurants that he customizes. Each piece is unique in its decor.

Has won several national and international medals and awards. During the 36th International Fair in Valencia, Spain, the Alfa de Oro Gold Medal, as well as one of its pieces was selected to appear in the Museum of Ceramics of Madrid. Several medals and awards are on his list.

Tewfik Bendaoud

Algeria, Faces & Landscapes

Presentation of the editor: Lying between the big blue and the vast desert, traveled from end to end by the chain of the Atlas, Algeria offers to its visitors beautiful and unforgettable landscapes.

On 1200 kilometers of coast, the golden sand marries the beach, the green Kabylie, the semi-desert areas of the Aurés, the desert with its captivating aspects. By accessing the Assekrem, or arriving, by the Corniche Timimoun face the Grand Erg, the most rustic can not hide his emotion.

The reader is immediately invited to penetrate the different horizons of Algeria and its regions through more than 400 photos taken during the last 3 years. Landscapes of dreams, exceptional characters, beautiful sites, unusual objects, animals, all this succeeds over the pages, punctuated with quotes and proverbs Algerian (French / Arabic) and accompanies the reader at the end of his dreams. That of men is treated in the same way with a focus on traditions, customs and customs.