The idea of travelling to a tropical paradise is at the heart of a vacation for many travelers. It was with this in mind that visiting a small nation, known for pristine beaches was my idea of the perfect holiday. The islands of the Seychelles were particularly appealing, as they have long been known for being a dream destination. Of the many islands that one can visit at this oasis in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the main island, and home to the capital, Mahe, has a large number of stunning beaches. Here are some must see beaches to visit when you are on Mahe, in the Seychelles.

Beau Vallon Beach

This is the most famous and popular beach on Mahe. It is one of those where you will find tourists as well as locals mingling and enjoying the sun, sea and sand. When you wade into the shallow waters, you will notice that they are incredibly clear. If you are standing with water up to your waist, you will still be able to see clearly to your feet. On a lucky day when the beach is a little quiet, you may even see schools of fish swimming with you. There is a lot that you can do at this beach other than soaking up the sun and working on your turn. You can also go swimming or snorkeling, take stunning pictures, and enjoy a spot of fishing as well. It is also a perfect place to go with the whole family.

Anse Soleil Beach

When you happen across this beach, you will feel as though you have discovered a hidden gem. This beach is small and often has visitors at it. If you want to enjoy the sand, then you should go during the low tide. If you are looking for deep water to dive or swim in, then it is perfect at high tide. When the wind is up, you will also get some fabulous waves at this beach as well. It also has the added character from the granitic rocks which are found mainly in the Seychelles.

Anse aux Pins

If it is long strolls on the beach that you love, then this is the perfect beach for you. It is a long stretch just over a kilometer, and nice and private, never actually getting very busy. The water is shallow which is perfect for wading in, and the waves are also gentle and relaxing. After your stroll, you will find that there are plenty of restaurants around, and also shops where you can find a keepsake. The wind is also good for windsurfing.

Turtle Bay

Calm with plenty of shade are the first things that you will notice about this beach. It has very shallow waters that are ideal for anyone looking for a family day out that they can enjoy. It rarely gets full and is the perfect place to take the family and build sand castles. Since the water is so calm, it is a great beach for swimming in. It is also surrounded by a coral reef which means that you can go snorkeling and there is plenty of marine life that you can see and experience. It actually shares the same bay with Anse aux Pins.

Grand Anse

If waves are what you are looking for, then Grand Anse is the beach that you should visit. This beach is amongst one of the longest on the island, and it is also wide which explains why it is known as Grand. The water is better suited for experienced swimmers as it tends to be quite deep and the waves are also relatively high. With older children, it is an excellent beach to visit for a family day out. The benefit of this beach is that it is large enough not to get crowded, even on a day that there are many visitors.

Anse Takamaka

This beach captured my attention because of the name and how fun the name sounded. I found out later that it is named after the beautiful takamaka trees which can be found around the beach. It has bright white sand that sparkles in the sunshine as well as waters that are brilliantly turquoise in color. The waters are shallow though further in, you will find that there are tall waves which are great for surfing. If you love photography, then you will love taking pictures at this beach as there are so many angles that you can explore to capture its beauty. You will find this beach towards the south west of the island.

Anse Royale

Activities abound at this highly popular beach, so it is the place to go if you are looking to fulfill your sense of adventure. Some of the activities include fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming. There are also plenty of places to stay for tourists next to the beach, as well as a good selection of places to get something to eat. This beach often has a good crowd, so if you are looking to meet some people, you will love what this beach has to offer. The water is relatively shallow, perfect for swimming as well as wading when you would like to. It covers a long stretch of around 1.5 km. The sides of this beach feature stunning views of the hills in Mahe, and there are an excellent number of palm trees that offer shade.

There are more than 35 beaches that one can visit on Mahe. Of all the beaches that I visited, these stood out as the most memorable. Whether one is looking for something to do as an activity, or simply wants to enjoy what the sun and sea have to offer, these beaches will meet the expectations. Take time to explore the open bays, or create memories in the secluded coves while you are on holiday in the Seychelles. The island of Mahe is ideal for holiday makers, especially for families.