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Top 2 Attractions in Algiers

Popular Algiers sights and tourist spots

  • Kasbah of Algiers thumbnail
    A stone and arches street in the Casbah of Algiers.
    The Kasbah of Algiers was inscribed on the World Heritage List at the 16th session of the Committee in December 1992. It is commonly referred to as the area comprising the Kasbah proper (fortress) and all the old city of El-Jazair located between this fort and the seaside. in 1516, the Turkish corsair Khair al-Din installs its capital in Algiers. It makes it a fortified city by constructing imposing ramparts, which are at the origin of the Casbah ...

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  • Maqam Echahid thumbnail
    The Monument of the Martyr, "Maqam Echahid", in Algiers.
    The Maqam Echahid, or Martyr's Memorial, is a monument in Algiers dedicated to the memory of the Algerian War of Independence. ...

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