Tizi Ouzou is the capital of the Kabyle region. This region is inhabited by Imazighen also known as Berbers. They have always resisted Arab domination and continue to do so up to this very day. French is still spoken almost everywhere in Tizi Ouzou, Arabic less so.

The town itself is not very special but it is quite lively and there are a lot of friendly Berbers to help you find your way. Tizi Ouzou is a good base for making day trips. The Shrine of Sidi Beloua some 20 km to the north is a nice structure and offers a great view over the mountainous agricultural area.

Larba Nait Irathin is a market town 25 km to the east of Tizi and it has a French fort from the 1850s. The Djurdjura Mountains are also a prime attraction. The village of Tala Guilef offers good skiing during a couple of months in wintertime, and dangerous rock climbing in summer.