Famous for its state-of-the-art architecture and tall skyscrapers, Singapore is the economic hub of South East Asia. Yet, nestled in this modern city's hustle and bustle is proliferate tropical greenery that sets it apart from its neighbors. 

Also known as the Garden City, Singapore boasts colorful tropical flowers and vegetation lining its boulevards and highways, creating a luscious setting for the urbanites.

The Singapore Botanic Gardens has a generous display of hundreds of species of Asia’s finest. From the country’s national flower: Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid to the bright red Heliconias, the Gardens provide a visual feast to one’s eyes as you walk through aisles of exotic vegetation. With ample time on hand, it can take a whole afternoon for you to slowly stroll through the Garden’s stunning display of plants and take in its beauty. Separated into various attractions, the must-see features of the Garden include the National Orchid Garden, the Ginger Garden, and the Rainforest. Certain attractions that are unique to this part of the World are the bonsai collection and Tropical Rainforest. In the Eastern end of the Garden, a swan lake creates a calm and serene setting for the birds and Nibong Palms to seek refuge. Many couples and families seize the leisurely atmosphere to enjoy a Sunday picnic or two on the green plains by the lake. 

Boasting the world’s largest display of orchids in the world, the National Orchid Garden has a rich and diverse collection of over 1000 species and 2000 hybrids of gorgeous orchids. Enter a world of orange Tiger Spot Orchids, impressing visitors with its allure and gently white Aranda Melia Ann Orchids that make you linger on for more. Located at the city's fashion hub, the Botanic Gardens is just one block away from Orchard Road. Symphony Orchestra performances or outdoor concerts are also held in the large amphitheater. The Gardens also organize tours within different sections in various languages. Nestled amidst the Ginger Garden's lushness, be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful cafe/restaurant, Halia (it means ‘Ginger’ in Malay). Decked out in pure white linen, it is a perfect spot to chill out and enjoy nature.