Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary adventure while visiting Singapore? Engage in some nocturnal exploration for an exceptional experience like none other youve had before. Discover the animal kingdoms night-shift through a Night Safari. The Night Safari is located next door to Singapore Zoo, which is also a must-see on your Singapore visit. This special activity brings you right up close to the action of the wildlife living there. More than 85% of the wildlife living here is nocturnal, by nature. This means they do their foraging for food and searching for a mate at night. Were it not for the Night Safari, much of the habits of these night-creatures would remain a mystery to most. Singapore Night Safari, which opened its nighttime doors to the public in 1994, has the distinction of being the first-ever, night-touring wildlife park in the entire world! The fact that the majority of the animals that call this home prefer to come out after the sun has come down, along with Singapores cooler nights and small amounts of yearly rain was the inspiration behind the concept of the Night Safari. Close to a million visitors partake of this unique touring activity each year, proving that the concept of after-dark viewing of wildlife was genius at its best. Your tour through the Singapore Night Safari includes a 35-40 minute ride on a people-mover (tram) with onboard tour guides who can supply you with interesting and educational facts about the animals you're most likely to see on the tour. But your tour doesn't end there. You can either follow up your tram ride by walking the three walking paths that are also a part of the Singapore Night Safari experience, or catch the people mover after you've explored these paths to your hearts content at the beginning of your tour of the Singapore Night Safari. Discard any preconceived ideas you may have about what you can expect from such an original adventure. Your encounter with wildlife wont be diminished by the overuse of lighting. That would certainly defeat the purpose of a night- time tour to see wildlife wouldn't it? Lamps that employ the use of lighting that isn't distracting to wildlife, while providing just enough light for safety, are strategically placed throughout the park to maintain near-dark viewing of the wildlife. On the Singapore Night Safari you will be encountering over a hundred different animal species. Many of these animals are considered to be endangered so to be able to have the experience of a close encounter with them is quite special. Imagine being able to witness first hand how animals such as cats, deer, bats, frogs, snakes, and more go about the business of survival in the world of animals each night. It might be a wee-bit spooky to have a fruit bat zoom close to your head, but what an exhilarating experience and memories for you and your family to have of your visit to Singapore You can find online vendors who offer tickets to this tour event, including many discounted package deals that will make your whole visit to Singapore that much more affordable and exciting. Jump online today and get your ticket to the greatest nighttime adventure anyone could ever have!