Stampede Park is a grouping of a number of seemingly disparaging businesses. Included in the park are a hockey arena, a convention facility, an agricultural building, and some other buildings. There is the more recent Stampede Casino on the site as well. It is located southeast of downtown Calgary, in Alberta, Canada, but access is convenient from Calgary via Calgary Transit's light rail system. This location and easy access make it a convenient attraction to visit anytime you are in the area. It also makes Calgary a convenient point to stay when you are attending functions or events at Stampede Park. The Park is home of the Calgary Stampede which is a large annual festival. In 2006 over one million people attended the Calgary Stampede. The Stampede is counted as being one of the largest annual events in Canada. It is also reported as the largest outdoor rodeo event in the world. The Stampede begins with an annual parade that remains one of the longest preserved traditions of the event. The Park is open year-round. It offers various activities that appeal to a wide age group throughout the year. It hosts concerts by popular musicians and groups as well as agricultural events. For more information on the current year's schedule or future schedules you can contact the Park directly.