Like the South Dakota Badlands, the Canadian Badlands is spectacular and home to Drumheller, Alberta, Canada and located in the Red Deer River basin. In addition to the magnificent scenery, this area has such an abundance of history, culture, and natural beauty to provide the visitor an amazing holiday that will make them want to return many times. Even though Drumheller offers stunning scenery, there are a lot of other activities in which travelers to the area will enjoy. Some of these activities are: 1. Dinosaurs were one abundant in this area, and the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology has an astounding collection of fossils, skeletons of dinosaurs, and some great information on the area and these creatures. And certainly visitors will have to stop and see the “World’s Largest Dinosaur”, and at 82’, it’s certainly a sight passersby won’t easily miss! 2. Horseshoe Canyon is in the Badlands and is absolutely an incredible place for photographers to get some amazing shots. Visitors will have to check out the geologically fascinating hoodoos in this area as well. 3. The two methods to cross the Red Deer River is by the Star Mine Suspension Bridge or the Bleroit Ferry and both offer some amazing scenery. 4. Chosen because it mimics the foothills around Jerusalem, this is the setting for the Canadian Badlands Passion Play that is performed annually in July. With some of the most incredible panorama in the nearby badlands, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada offers tourist with an assortment of things to do.