Sea to Sky Highway, being winded with 5 trenchant biogeoclimatic zones starting in Vancouver, Mountain and Coast region of BC through costal rain forest on the Horseshoe Bay, all the way via Squamish, Provincial Park, and finally the Resort Municipality of Whistler. With intense picturesque look, Sea to Sky Highway intersects 2 significant and historic routes namely the Pemberton Trail and as well the Gold Rush Heritage Trail. Sea to Sky Highway, otherwise called as Hwy 99 gives a complete outdoor fun, wherein you can spend your time with gratefulness. Also if you are a history buff and crave to know about those BC's era, this place will be worth visiting. Situated in the British Columbia in Canada, this Hwy 99 endures from West Vancouver to Whistler. Being in the improvement process, its completion was anticipated by the end of October 09. The place will ready to lift, since Winter Olympic Games will be hosted there in the year 2010 February. Since the Olympic Games require best road access, the improvement work was carried out to bring them on par! Driving here is little risky, because accidents are quite frequent at this zone. Take your personal ride only if you are familiar with the route because driving here should be handled cautiously. Every trailhead and exits are marked, and as well it has enough room facilitating the off-road parking too. Though it is risky to trip here, it worth your time and you'll definitely enjoy traveling on the highways.