Historical and Natural Places

As a newcomer on Goparoo, I would like to offer you an original point of view of the French-speaking societies in North America (Quebec, Acadia, New England, etc.). As a French-Canadian, I think it is a legitimate goal to present the good things about our “part of the World”, about those historical communities who continue to speak French. I will offer you a few chronicles about geography, history, genealogy and tourism. 

My first chronicle will take place in the Trois-Rivières and Batiscan’s region, in Quebec (Canada). A lot of USA and Canadian people have French speaking ancestors whom were coming from the Trois-Rivières and Batiscan’s region. If your grandparents were named Rivard, Thifault, Houde, Bacon, Jacob, Cossette, Lafond, Périgny, Rouillard, Pronovost, Lefebvre, Morand, Baribeau, etc, maybe their parents or/and grandparents had emigrated from this magnificent region. One of the best ways to understand your own family history is to visit historical places, cemeteries and villages where your ancestors had lived. How can I find my way to the Trois-Rivières and Batiscan’s region from Montréal? From Montreal, the best way to go to the Trois-Rivières and Batiscan’s region is to take the Freeway 40 East directly to Trois-Rivières. After, if you want, you will be able to take any exit and see Trois-Rivières by car. If you want to go to Champlain, Batiscan, Ste.Geneviève de Batiscan, Ste.Anne de la Pérade, and St.Prosper, you will have to continue to drive on the Freeway 40 East and take the appropriate exits or take the regional Route 138 East and drive thru exotic and historical villages. How can I find a good place to sleep? It will depend on what you really want. If you would like to stay at a well known place during your vacations, near the Trois-Rivières downtown’s action, I am suggesting two kinds of installations that I know of, and well situated:

  • Hotel des Gouverneurs975 rue Hart, Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada, G9A 4S3. 1-819-379-4550.www.gouverneur.com
  • Delta Trois-Rivières and Congress center 1620 rue Notre-Dame, Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada, G9A 6E5. 1-819-376-1991. www.deltahotels.com
If you want to try something more ancient, in an old house situated in a village:
  • Auberge du Manoir Dauth21 boulevard de Lanaudière, Ste.Anne de la Pérade, Qc, Canada, G0X 2J0. 1-418-325-3432. www.manoirdauth.com
There are other hotels and motels where you will be able to stay but those institutions are offering you the joy to be near the action, in Trois-Rivières, or near Batiscan and Ste.Anne de la Pérade. Also, there are a lot of good restaurants, bistros, museums etc. downtown Trois-Rivières and you will be able to find them just walking from your hotel. What to do in the Trois-Rivières and Batiscan’s region? I thought about a few interesting visits and activities. Please, see the associated Websites to learn more about those activities and museums.
  1. Lieu historique national du Canada des Forges du Saint-Maurice (museum) This institution is an important place to learn about that old Trois-Rivières iron industry.10000 boulevard des Forges, Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada, G9C 1B1. 1-819-378-5116. www.pc.gc.ca/eng/lhn-nhs/qc/saintmaurice/index.aspx
  2. Musée québécois d’histoire populaire / En prison (museum)If you want to learn more about common life history, this museum is a good place to see. You may also have the opportunity to visit an old prison and see how prisoners lived from 1822 until 1986. 200 rue Laviolette, Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada, G9A 6L5. 1-819-372-0406. www.culturepop.qc.ca
  3. Musée des Ursulines de Trois-Rivières (museum)One of the oldest institutions of the Trois-Rivières region, this museum is a living witness of the action of those nuns dedicated to education at the beginning of the Nouvelle-France’s colony.734 rue des Ursulines, Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada, G9A 5B5. 1-819-375-7922. www.musee-ursulines.qc.ca
  4. Moulin seigneurial de Pointe-du-Lac (museum)If you would like to learn about flourmill and sawmill during the “old days” of the Nouvelle-France’s colony, you will be at the right place.11930 rue Notre-Dame Ouest (West), Trois-Rivières, Qc, Canada, G9B 6X1. 1-819-377-1396. www.moulin-pointedulac.com.
  5. Parc de la rivière Batiscan (Batiscan’s national parkIf you need to get some fresh air and see nature, it is possible to walk around a beautiful preserved forest and see the marvellous Batiscan’s river.200, Chemin du Barrage, St.Narcisse, Qc, Canada, G0X 2Y0. 1-418-328-3599.www.parcbatiscan.com
  6. Le Vieux-presbytère de BatiscanIf you want to learn more about regional development at the beginning of the Nouvelle-France’s colony, it may be a good thing to visit this institution. You will learn about Nicolas Rivard, Jean Lafond, Marie Boucher, Jacques Massicotte and other Batiscan’s pioneers.340 rue Principale, Batiscan, Qc, Canada, G0X 1A0. 1-418-362-2051. www.presbytere-batiscan.com
  7. Domaine seigneurial de Sainte-AnneMadeleine Jarret de Verchères, was known as the girl who had won a battle against Indians (Verchères). Later, she got married with Pierre-Thomas Tarieu1 and they had lived in this Ste.Anne de la Pérade’s old manor. Other famous people had lived in this important regional house.910 rue Sainte-Anne, Ste.Anne de la Pérade, Qc, Canada, G0X 2J0. 1-418-325-3522. www.domaine-steanne.com
  8. Association des pourvoyeurs de pêche aux petits poissons des chenaux (ice fishing association)Ice fishing between December 26 and the end of February, each year, is a local tradition in Ste.Anne de la Pérade. A temporary village is built each year on the Ste.Anne’s river and it is an incredible big fishing party.8 rue Marcotte, Ste.Anne de la Pérade, Qc, Canada, G0X 2J0. 1-418-325-2475. www.associationdespourvoyeurs.com
  9. Sugar shacks in St.Prosper, Ste-Anne de la Pérade, St.Narcisse etcIf you want some maple syrup and sugar in March and April, it may be a good opportunity to visit those villages and ask about “Sugar shacks”. www.clddeschenaux.ca. (Click at “Tourisme”. After: click at “À voir, à faire!”, and click at “Érablières”.)
  10. Batiscan’s riverIf driving thru the country is always a pleasure for you, the Batiscan’s region is one of the best places to be. You will be able to see wonderful “paysages” and forests by following the Batiscan’s river from Batiscan, Ste.Geneviève de Batiscan up to St.Stanislas and more.
As you can see, the Trois-Rivières and Batiscan’s region has a lot to offer to you and your family. Have a nice trip to this French speaking part of America. Réal Houde www.realhoude.com Saturday, April 30th 2011.