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Amsterdam Dungeon
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Amsterdam Dungeon

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Dungeon-themed parks are thrilling places of attraction for the wandering brave soul. These attractions are popular in Europe with some sites located in Germany and London. Similarly, the Amsterdam-based dungeon caters to tourists to showcase the country’s history through an interactive show. It says to bring to life the 500 years of dark and bleak Dutch history. It is housed inside a historical church that exudes a Neo-Gothic architectural element.

Site features

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Inside the Dungeon are some scary attractions like the Torture Chamber that contains graphically implied exhibits. It also holds torture demonstration show for the live audience. It also relives the brutal torture of the ghost witch in the 16th century. The main purpose of the museum is to thrill and terrify visitors in an old-fashioned way. It is complete with live actors and special effects to recreate the horrific scenes mostly based on the medieval period.

Visiting information and tips

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This theatrical tourist attraction is located at Rokin, about a 5-minute walk away from Dam Square. It is also accessible by tram from the Central Station and car parks available in the side canal street. Except for electric wheelchairs, the dungeon is also accessible for handicapped individuals.

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