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Nemo Science Museum
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Nemo Science Museum

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Place overview

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The eighth most visited museum in the Netherlands is also the largest science museum in the country. The Nemo Science Museum is a must-see attraction located by the west dock of Oosterdok 2 by the waters of Ij.


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This science center dates back to 1923. However, it was only in 1997 when it was housed in the modern structure designed by Renzo Piano. The name Nemo Science Museum was established only in 2016.


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The museum has five floors that are enclosed in elaborate modern architecture painted in copper green. The rooftop of this ship-shaped building has a vantage view of all the beauty of Amsterdam.

Site features

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Nemo museum gives the visitors a broad knowledge of science and its application in everyday lives. The five-floor high provides various exhibitions about science, technology, and some technological developments.

Visiting information and tips

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The Nemo Science Museum is complete with cafes, gift shops, and a children's play area. The museum is accessible by public transport and just about a 15-minute walk from Central Station. It does not have a car park, but there are paid parking centers close to the facility.

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