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Royal Palace of Amsterdam
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Royal Palace of Amsterdam

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Place overview

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In the Dam Square in Amsterdam, the Royal Palace is still standing in all its splendor and glory. The Royal Palace occupies a massive portion of the west Dam Square and is just one of the three palaces found in the Netherlands.


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Long before, the Royal Palace was the city's town hall. Today, it is used for entertaining and official functions like state visits. Fortunately, most of its artifacts and artworks remained untouched and still in their original places since then.


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The palace covers about 22,000 square meters and boasts a yellowish sandstone façade in an historic 17th-century architecture.

Site features

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The interior of the Palace of Amsterdam with Atlas holding up the firmament.
The interior of the Palace of Amsterdam with Atlas holding up the firmament. [CC] credit.

The Grand Hall of the palace features Atlas that carries the firmament on his shoulders.

Visiting information and tips

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Guided tours with some art historians can allow tourists to experience the historical authenticity of the palace. The tour takes visitors through the Citizen’s Hall and some chambers in the palace that recounts important events of the Golden Age.

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