Millennium Park stands between Michigan Ave. and the waterfront in the heart of Chicago. For many, this park is also Chicago's heart. It represents over twenty-five years of lobbying by the philanthropic community and its eventual collaboration with the City of Chicago to construct. Now, Millennium Park is a major Chicago landmark. Visitors to Millennium Park will enjoy the wide, grassy spaces and the modern sculptures and design. Many Chicagoans find the park a relaxing place to picnic, read, play Frisbee, or listen to music. Arguably, the most iconic image of Millennium Park is Anish Kapoor's enormous Cloud Gate sculpture. However, ask a native for directions to the Cloud Gate sculpture and he'll give you a funny look. In Chicago this reflective, organic, and interactive art work is known as The Bean. Cloud Gate does look like a giant kidney bean. Its entire surface is polished to a mirror shine and as you walk around The Bean you will be treated to a fantasia of views on the Chicago skyline. Crown Fountain, by Jaume Plensa, is another innovative piece of public art. Across a concrete and block glass courtyard are two large towers. During the summer water rolls down and around these towers and gives sun-soaked tourists a chance to cool off. However, the innovation comes when you put your face in a small box located at the bottom of each tower. Suddenly, on the front of the tower is a giant picture of your head. Millennium Park also has a state-of-the-art outdoor concert venue, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. On most summer nights you can come out to Millennium Park and listen to music under the stars.