Dover is the capital city of Delaware. In fact it is the second largest city to be found in the entire region with a population exceeding 35,000 people. Although this is not officially a resort it make for quite a nice place to spend your vacation as it has a lot of historical buildings of high interest and also because it is known as the state’s central bureaucratic location. The city is in constant growth and expansion and most of it is due to the relative ease with which one can buy a house here as well as the relatively inexpensive cost of establishing yourself here. The government here is the principal source of employment for the locals and as such the working environment is stable that allows for a tranquil and beauteous living in its premises. One of the greatest attractions for the city is represented by the fact that it hosts the NASCAR stock races events for two weekends in a year. This alone can account for up to 100,000 people coming to the location to enjoy watching their favorite motorsport event and also to enjoy the preparations that take place just due to this particular happening. You may also want to visit the local firefighting department which is entirely volunteer-based. It has quite a history and there are some interesting buildings to be seen. And while visiting for the local products one can easily understand that some other hi-tech facilities have been erected here one of the most interesting to visit being the Skylab spacesuits manufactures which indeed is a sight to behold.