The city of Wildwood is located in Cape May County and it is quite a small and nice location with a population of around 5,000 stable citizens. However the city attracts as much as 250,000 visitors during the season and as such it is quite the place to be for your holidays. One of its prime points of interest is the religious aspect of the town. The Boardwalk Chapel is located in here and it is to be found around a commercial and catering complex consisting of a pizza house and a nice gift shop placement. There is an average of 77 services held during the summertime up until June and most of the town is drawn to this. Another great place around the city is the Boardwalk itself. Around it a stage is set for most of the year and a lot of activities are held here, from concerts to other interesting type of performances such as the Broad Street Entertainment and a school of dance. Those that love physical contact sports may be delighted to know that in 2005 and 2007 the WWE SmackDown was held in the city and that it is to be organized again in the spot. As a matter of fact most of the locals recall the period as very boisterous, with lots of people being attracted. Another great spot for tourists is the Wildwoods Shore Resort Historic District which offers around 200 motels and where Doo-Wop music has come to know this term.