Located in between Hefner Road and Northeast 122nd Street Northeast of Oklahoma City is Frontier City, the only amusement theme park in the entire state of Oklahoma. First opened to the general public back in 1958, Frontier City is the largest seasonal attraction in the entire state. Since its opening, Frontier City has been visited by millions of locals and tourists alike. The amusement park is currently owned and operated by PARC Management, LLC which is the leader in entertainment management and the same owner of the Six Flags Amusement Park chain. Frontier City has numerous rides and attractions that are sure to be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. There are literally hundreds of different rides to choose from, ranging from thrill rides for that sudden burst of adrenaline rush to family and kid rides which can be enjoyed by the entire family. Some of the most popular rides in the amusement park include the Steel Lasso which was opened to the general public in 2008, and the only suspended roller coaster ride in the entire state of Oklahoma, and the Silver Bullet which is the first wooden roller coaster ever established on the amusement park back in 1986. Apart from the fun rides, Frontier City also offers a series of concerts and shows featuring some of the hottest names in the entertainment industry. This year's live entertainment series include performances by Raven Symone, Lady Antebellum, Bob the Builder and the cast of the Survivor Reality Show. All the shows and concerts will be held at the Starlight Amphitheater and are completely free of charge.