Children and adults of all ages will enjoy the Nashville Zoo. This zoo houses animals from all over the world and regardless of whether the interest lies in birds, mammals, fish, or reptiles, this wonderful zoo can accommodate every enthusiast. The have a wide variety of habitats and many projects and activities that children and adults alike can participate in and enjoy throughout the year. With all the animals and activities available in the Nashville Zoo, the hardest part is deciding what to do next. 1. There are a wide variety of habitats that all guests will want to visit, such as Gibbon Islands providing a great view of the zoo's primates in native settings. 2. The African Wild Dog habitat highlights the Painted Dogs of Africa that are found roaming around the savannahs and grasslands. 3. Critter Encounters is a very popular exhibit because visitors can get close to the alpacas, donkeys, goats, and other animals in this habitat. 4. Since this is the Year of the Frog, this new exhibit space highlights the lives of our amphibian pals. 5. For the Bird lovers in the crowd, there are dozens of species in the Aviary of our fine feathered friends. 6. The zoo is also home to a great number of mammals including lions and tigers and bears. 7. For the reptile lover, there is a great selection of reptiles ranging from alligators to rattlesnakes, and everything in between. The Nashville Zoo is a great place for the entire family to spend a day.