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Malawi Country Guide


Malawi is one of the many landlocked countries in the African continent. It is also one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. It is located in the narrowest part of Africa: the central part. It is bordered by Mozambique to the south, southeast, and southwest, Zambia to the northwest, and Tanzania to the northeast. To the east is Lake Malawi, an elongated lake comprising most of the country’s eastern boundary. Being landlocked, the only way Malawi can trade with the rest of the world is through an agreement with the government of Mozambique, allowing Malawi to build a rail to the ports of Nacala and Beira.

Geography and Climate

The geography of Malawi is not much different on any part of the country and the same goes with its climate because it is wholly within the tropics. Malawi is generally mountainous with small strips of flat level plains in areas near Lake Malawi. As is the case in most African countries, it is hot during daytime but rapidly becomes cold at nighttime. From November to April, Malawi receives plentiful rains, making the entire country ideal for agriculture.

Malawi’s Five National Parks

Malawi flaunts its biodiversity, boasting its five natural parks:

1.Lake Malawi National Park is located at the southern tip of Lake Malawi and was created as a reserve for fishes and aquatic habitats in the lake. However, the park also includes certain islands in the lake and the inhabiting animals therein. In 1984, it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2.Kasungu National Park. This is Malawi’s second largest Park, with an average elevation of 1,000 feet above sea level. The park consists of an area 2,316 square kilometers near the border with Zambia. The woodland park has grassy areas and is home to wild animals such as elephants, hyenas, zebras, and buffalo.

3.Lengwe National Park is also home to wild animals common in the African continent.

4.Liwonde National Park. This park is often visited by tourists because it can be accessed by bicycle or even by walking. Moreover, there are lodges that provide accommodation for viewing game, as well as walking tours and canoeing.

5.Nyika National Park. This is the largest park in Malawi. The entire park is elevated, hence the name Nyika, which means “where the water comes from.” This is an apt name for the park because it receives rainfall throughout the year with its highest part frequently covered by clouds.

Transportation in Malawi

The country’s capital, Lilongwe, is the business and communication hub of the country. The country has a rather poorly developed road system, mainly because improving these roads sometimes affect the very purpose for the creation of game reserves in the country. Though the country has more than 40 airports, most of these are rather classified as rudimentary.

Nevertheless, there are two major airports that cater flights from foreign countries: the Chileka International Airport in Blatyre and the Lilongwe International Airport. The nation’s flag carrier, Air Malawi Limited is a government-owned airline with regional operations.

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