Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most famous mountains in the world. This volcanic mountain has three cones that have been known for their volcanic eruptions in the past. The names of these three volcanic cones of Mount Kilimanjaro are Shira, Mawensi and Kibo. Mount Kilimanjaro is located in the country of Tanzania in the continent of Africa. The mountain is volcanic in nature. The volcano eruptions have been really uncommon in the past, so it is now considered a dormant volcano. In fact, it is now an extinct volcano.

The most important thing due to which Mount Kilimanjaro is popular and due to which a lot of people go to visit this mountain every year is the fact that this creature is one of the most important natural creatures which have some good elevation. Mount Kilimanjaro is not the highest elevated mountain in the world, but it is the tallest mountain rise in the world that is free-standing. This is a unique feature that adds a lot to the total package, and thus the mountain attracts a lot of visitors each year. The height of this mountain rise is more than 15,000 feet. It is more than 4,600 meters in height. The height has been measured from its base. The peak is the highest in the continent of Africa. It provides a unique and wonderful view of the surrounding regions when viewed from the top of this mountain.

The mountain has more than one summit. The highest point on this mountain is the Peak which is located on the Kibo volcano. This peak is called as Uhuru peak. The crater of the Kibo volcano is around 1.5 meters in width. The highest point of Kilimanjaro Mountain is more than 19000 feet in height. There are seven summits of this mountain, while the Uhuru peak is the tallest one. Many people have climbed this mountain, but the first one who did so was Lauwo. Meyer and Purtscheller were also accompanying him. These three people reached this highest summit of the mountain in the October of 1889.

All three craters of Mount Kilimanjaro are of huge diameter, and all three of these are considered extinct volcanoes now. Uhuru Peak is the highest peak in Africa's continent, and the volcanic crater peak of Mawenzi is the third highest peak in the continent of Africa. If you want to climb the Mawenzi peak, you need to climb the rocks and ice and snow. Climbing rock may not be that difficult, but climbing on the snow is always a perilous and serious thing. Only those who have the right ability and potential, and training to climb to this height are allowed to attempt this climbing. 

 Uhuru Peak is somewhat simpler from a climber's point of view. Although it is the highest peak, climbing this face of the mountain is not very difficult. Still, one needs to know mountain climbing and should be prepared to face the altitude while climbing this peak. Machame, Rongai, and Marangu are considered the easiest routes to Mount Kilimanjaro's top. These routes cannot be climbed by a person who even does not have proper training in climbing. These routes to climb to the top are easier. When you start moving to the top of Mountain Kilimanjaro, you may face altitude sickness. The symptoms are throbbing headaches. If you want to avoid such medical problems while climbing and if you want to remain fit to reach the top successfully, you need to use proper medication. Mountain Kilimanjaro is a place where you can enjoy a lot if you have an appetite for adventure. The easy climb and the altitude the mountain offers are the two basic reasons that help the mountain attract many visitors to this mountain. People from all parts of the world come to visit this stunning and thrilling piece of nature's work. This is an interesting place to be.

Marangu route is considered one of the safest and easiest routes on Mount Kilimanjaro. It is a 4 to 5 days climb from this route. The route is a well-traveled one, and as a result, you will find proper residential facilities on the mountain, which make the tour day's journey towards the top of this mountain less travel and more fun for you. The huts available for the nights to rest on your way to the top are generally fitted with a cooking facility. Some of these have electricity. Bathrooms are also available. The final few hours climb is done at night because at night everything is frozen, and it is safer this way towards the top.

When you reach the top of the mountain, you are greeted well by the government of Tanzania. The boards planted over there welcome you atop. The top of Uhuru Peak is the highest point in the continent of Africa, and this is the most attractive point for visitors to visit this mountain. Reaching this mountain is not a big problem. Tanzania is well connected to the rest of the world. You can reach Tanzania by air, especially if you are coming from some other continent than Africa. By road, travel to the Mountain Kilimanjaro area is suggested. You must visit Mountain Kilimanjaro in the winter season if you plan to climb it because everything is frozen and the climb is safer in winters. The melting and rainy seasons are to be avoided for climbing.