The kids wanted to go Disney. Mom and Dad wanted a vacation that was a little more relaxing. What was our solution? A Disney Cruise. We spent three days on land visiting the various Disney theme parks and then spent four days at sea on a Bahamian cruise. Along the way we stopped at ports that were entertaining for the kids and the grown ups. It was the perfect vacation for all. What made us choose a Disney Cruise? It was word of mouth from friends who had been there, done that, and loved it. One of a family vacation’s biggest benefits is that the family gets to spend a lot of time together. Unfortunately, that can also be one of a family vacation’s biggest downfalls. Somewhere around day four of a week long family vacation, the kids are starting to get on each other’s nerves, mom and dad want food that doesn’t involve ketchup, and everyone is looking at each other asking, “What are we going to do next.” We were told a Disney Cruise takes care of all of that, and it did. Imagine spending three days visiting the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Animal Kingdom together as a family. Then fully entertained but exhausted you embark on a four day cruise where the kids have activities that keep them busy while you have time to enjoy activities that you couldn’t if you had to watch the kids. That’s what you’ll get on a Disney Cruise. For the youngest cruisers, under 3 years old, there are babysitting services that usually need to be booked before the cruise. Disney’s Oceaneer Club is designed specifically for 3-7 year olds and the kids are divided into two groups 3-4 year olds and 5-7 year olds for age appropriate activities. For 8-12 year olds there is Disney’s Oceaneer Lab. Again, the kids are grouped into two different age groups for age appropriate activities. And for teens, there is a special area where they can enjoy music, videos, video games, dancing and Internet access. There are trained counselors who watch over the teens while they do their own thing independently. There are pools for all three age groups that are heavily guarded for the safety of all the children. While the kids are occupied, parents can spend time in the ships pools and spas or take part in deck activities. There are plenty of sports activities and there is always the option of simply lying in a lounge chair and devouring a good novel, uninterrupted. The family can gather together for meals, night time activities, and to explore the sites at the various ports of call. There are other cruise options besides the one that my family went on. There are cruise only options, Caribbean cruises and even special Disney Cruises in the Mediterranean. You can choose from various packages and lengths of stay to suit your family’s needs and budget. Choosing a Disney Cruise was a great decision for my family. We got to spend some much needed time together, and each of us also got to spend some time doing activities without having to drag along unwilling participants. So now I can say we’ve been there, done that, loved it and maybe we’ll do it again.