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Cinque Terre and Beyond

Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. These five picturesque villages - clinging to the rocky coast ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Discover Central Italy

Think of all that you love about Italy, and you'll find it in this central region home to hundreds of charming small hill ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Beautiful and Wineful Tuscany

The Tuscan winding roads take you along the most spectacular sceneries Italy has to offer. It seems that every aspect of ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
The Lebanon Circuit

The more time you spend in it, the more time you start to realize how weird it is to try to squeeze the region that is the ...>

By: David Gilbert
Discover Riviera di Ponente, the land of the setting sun

A pristine corner of Italy, Liguria’s “Riviera di Ponente” - that stretches from Genoa westward to the French border ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
8 Secret Ways to Take The Path Less Traveled on Oahu

Hawaii is overwhelming— every single island is a completely different world; a world of miracle and wonder. To help you ...>

By: Natasha Lincoln
Langhe, breathtaking landscapes, picturesque hamlets and excellent Italian gastronomy

A stunningly beautiful area of rolling hills, on which rest ancient villages, picturesque hamlets, medieval towers, and castles. ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Discover Dubrovnik - Game Of Thrones' King's Landing

There was a time when Croatia was a reasonably well-kept secret among travelers in the know. Overshadowed by its Mediterranean ...>

By: Rebecca Johnston
3 Things to See in Cairo Besides the Pyramids

They say that Egypt is om al-dunia, or ‘mother of the world’. Whether it’s true or not, it might be time to pay home ...>

By: David Gilbert
My Favorite Lighthouse Stays

Are you looking for a unique idea for a family vacation or weekend getaway? Go full sail on the nautical theme and consider ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
The Beaches of Mahe

The idea of travelling to a tropical paradise is at the heart of a vacation for many travelers. It was with this in mind ...>

By: Thadeus Geodfrey
Trekking at the end of the world in Tasmania

Nestled below Australia’s mainland in the seas that extend south to Antarctica is the rugged and wild island of Tasmania. ...>

By: Pip Strickland
Can you Visit Barcelona on a Budget?

Barcelona is one of the most culturally fascinating cities you will ever visit. With shades of Gaudí, Picasso, Miró and ...>

By: Angela Murray
Finding Luscious Greenery in Singapore

Famous for its state-of-the-art architecture and tall skyscrapers, Singapore is the economic hub of South East Asia. Yet, ...>

By: Nellie Huang
Pardon Me Sir, Is That The Chattanooga Choo Choo...Hotel?

The arty, historic town of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is a tourist destibation, especially for guests of the Chattanooga Choo-Choo ...>

By: Kristin Johnson
The Trois Rivieres and Batiscan Region of Quebec

Historical and Natural PlacesAs a newcomer on Goparoo, I would like to offer you an original point of view of the French-speaking ...>

By: Real Houde
Enjoy best things in Sydney

Sydney is one of the travel destinations that people go to on holiday as it serves both your needs and those of your family. ...>

By: Kacie Jones
Best places for shopping in Alaska

Alaska is the largest state in the US and home to all of the top 10 highest mountains in the US. It receives a large volume ...>

By: Kacie Jones
Sacred places with Mother Nature in Turkey

Home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, Turkey houses a number of spectacular tourist spots bustling with natural ...>

By: Kacie Jones
The Many Pyramids of Egypt

If you are looking for a unique vacation filled with history and wonder, then you should look into discovering some of Egypt?s ...>

By: Pat Moore
The Richelieu Valley

My second Wikiveler article will be about the magnificent Richelieu Valley beginning at the Champlain Lake near the U.S. ...>

By: Real Houde
You Should Visit the City of Brotherly Love

No matter why you are visiting the beautiful city of Philadelphia, there are plenty of things for you to do. There are plenty ...>

By: Doug Raymond
Shopping options in Singapore

Those who think that Singapore is a dull destination should do a reality check as this Asian city state has come of ages ...>

By: Adrian Pye
Lapakahi State Historical Park: Fishing for History

Part of the Big Island’s appeal is its wealth of monuments to Hawai’ian history. Lapakahi State Historical Park, north ...>

By: Kristin Johnson
Guatemala Touristic Regions

Here is a map of Guatemala highlighting it's seven (7) touristic regions. Guatemala City Region Altiplano (Western ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
The Chianti, Wine Paradise Region

With a population close to 4 million, Tuscany is primarily known for its export of olives, grain and tobacco, with Carrara ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Nice Kansas City

Today Kansas City has many things to offer the visitor who wishes to come and explore its beautiful boulevards and streets. ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
The French Riviera, Playground of the Rich and Famous

Mention the Cote d’Azur - or French Riviera - to someone and it conjures up a picture of beautiful beaches, stylish resorts, ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
On the Napa Valley Wineries Trail

"One hundred bottles of beer on the wall…" Maybe in Milwaukee, but not in Napa Valley, California home to more than one ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
7 Castles of Portugal

A castle a day’s how this tourist will play. Portugal is perhaps famous for its over one hundred and fifty castles and ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Unique Night Life in Ibiza

Ibiza has become one of the leading social hotspots when traveling to Spain for the summer. Their relaxing beach life is ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
The Painted Monasteries of Bucovina

I really wasn’t expecting much as far as tourism goes when I decided to go to Romania for several months in my early 20s. ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Romantic Honeymoon in Tahiti

Looking for a romantic honeymoon getaway? Look no further than Tahiti (not Thaiti). Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Ireland Golf Vacations

Ireland is known as The Emerald Isle for its lush greenery. The temperate climate Ireland enjoys allows for one of this ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Vacation Rentals or Home Swap Exchange?

There is an obvious cost advantage to doing a Home Swap Exchange when travelling. If cost and budget is not an issue however, ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
The Isle of Youth

If you take a trip out to Cuba, one island you will not want to miss is the Isle of Youth, which is the largest Cuban island ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Beautiful Vietnam

When most people think of Vietnam, it is not tourism that first comes to mind. Images might surface of a war torn country ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Singapore Night Safari

Looking for an out-of-the-ordinary adventure while visiting Singapore? Engage in some nocturnal exploration for an exceptional ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Majestic Mont Saint Michel


By: Goparoo Staff
Aztec Ruins around Mexico City

The Aztecs were a tribe of people who lived in Mexico between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. While the Aztec Empire ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Guatemala: The Portal to the Mystery of the Maya

Ladino, as Guatemalans call a mestizo or citizen of mixed European and aboriginal blood, is the live expression of the strong ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Minnesota, My New Sweet Home

Not being a native of Minnesota, I can’t truthfully say that this is my home state, but after giving it 8 years, I’ll ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Expansive Reaches of Montana

What would you think if you heard that a state’s animal mascot was the grizzly bear? Would you think it was in a heavily ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Seven Texas Ghost Towns to visit

Among the most interesting of the tours offered is the Texas Ghost Town itinerary. From San Antonio to El Paso, Texas offers ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Travelogue ~ Along the Maine Coast

When we arrived in southern Maine, the first stop we made was for about an hour at York Harbor Beach. We were very happy ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Touring Northern Italy

A trip to Italy is a vacation in one of Europe's most diverse countries. There are a few destinations within the country ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Mystic Delhi

Delhi, more popularly known as Dilli in the vernacular language, stands at the second position in terms of the area of metropolis ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
The Mysterious Guyanas Region

The Guiana’s are located on the north central coast of South America and encompass a sprawling 180000 square miles of the ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Fascinating Old Delhi Sights

Old Delhi is an overwhelming experience with narrow streets chock-a-bloc with people, cyclists and animals, residents peeping ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Sights of New Delhi

The attractions in this part of the city comprise the elegant and majestic sweeps of Edward Lutyen’s architectural vision, ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
What is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is region in California defined by a high concentration and number of technology firms. The growth of advanced ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Iglesia ni Cristo Churches

Iglesia ni Cristo, or Church of Christ, is a known independent Christian church that was originated in the Philippines. This ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Turkey: An Historical Pilgrimage

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all have some important historical roots in Turkey, then known as Anatolia. It is no doubt ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Haiti Earthquake Aftermath, How to Help

Here is a list of some organizations with good credentials that are directly implicated into the relief efforts in Haiti: Direct ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Tips on Getting Lower and Cheaper Flight Airfares

The seemingly ever-changing world of airfares is one of the most confusing aspects of the travel business. It’s entirely ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Fly Fishing in Alaska

Outdoorsmen and women unite; head to the Last Frontier for some fly fishing in Alaska. You’ll find the fly fishing in ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Disney Cruises!

The kids wanted to go Disney. Mom and Dad wanted a vacation that was a little more relaxing. What was our solution? A Disney ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
What is the difference between weather and climate?

Weather is about specific meteorological conditions that are experienced at given moments. For example, it is sunny, 51°F(23°C). ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
The Good and Bad of SUV Travel Rentals

Special Utility Vehicles You’re most likely very familiar with the monstrous-sized SUV’s favored by soccer moms for ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Prior to parenthood: Babymoon (Baby Honeymoons)

“A lot of people advised us to get away and have one last holiday together to make sure we keep that friendship going through ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Tourist Spots

"Tourist spots" is a popular term to designate main region or city attractions. Other terms that are often used ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
Walking The Bavaro Coast


By: Goparoo Staff
Exploring Australia

With its pristine beaches, exotic locations and amazing scenic beauty Australia is amongst the most popular holiday destinations ...>

By: Goparoo Staff
A Journey Along the Authentic Northern Coast of Spain

Northern Spain, this corner of the Iberian Peninsula seems like an entirely different country, here you get a real feel for ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
A visit to historical Madrid and ambitious Valencia

Madrid's exciting atmosphere and cultural treasures win the hearts of many visitors. From buzzing plazas, cultural sites, ...>

By: Barbara Rumi
Exploring Catalonia

Catalonia, or Catalunya in Spanish, is truly diverse, with its own language and its own unique culture. Bordered by mountains ...>

By: Barbara Rumi