Sydney is one of the travel destinations that people go to on holiday as it serves both your needs and those of your family. The capital city of Australia and one of the best cities in the world Sydney has all you need to relax. Its temperate climate is ideal for visits all year round. When in Sydney security is high and one gets to enjoy world class education facilities, health care and a well-connected business environment.

Beaches in Sydney?

Water is abundant in Sydney. The area enjoys the service of various beaches in the region and uses this as a main attraction for people coming into the city. The beaches in this area are brought to life by the many different attractions found along the shore line. Some of the beaches in this area include:

  • Manly beach?
  • Cabbage Tree Bay
  • The Harbour beaches- these beaches include the Manly Cove, Stores, Little Manly, Clontarf, Reef, Forty Basket, Fairlight and Collins beaches. Taking walks in Manly along the beach is a common thing that people who tour Sydney indulge in .These walks enable one tour the area and see the fabulous scenes and historical artifacts. Bike riding is an honored tradition in the city. Touring the city on bikes has become popular as this gives one chance to see and appreciate the rich culture in the city. Bars in Sydney offers a large array of bars and pubs in the city. Whatever your specifications of a bar are Sydney's got you covered. From bars serving whiskeys, wines to those that serve the best cocktails, themed bars, bars out in the open and bars out by the beach the list just goes on and on While in Sydney some of the must do bars in the town are the wine library, Shady Pines Saloon, Opera bar, Bulletin Place, Eau De Vie, Icebergs Dining Room a nd bar.?

Things to do while in Sydney?

  • Walk on the Bondi to Coogee- this walk takes you along the coastline seeing some of Sydney's beaches.?
  • Take a look off North Head lookout- watch the sunset from the north head and have a chance to see a whale or two?
  • Visit the Art Gallery of NSW- visit the art gallery and see the rich Asian art that is usually on display.?
  • Take a swim at Cape Cove- Sydney's silent and intimate beach that harbors the priciest homes.?
  • Hang out in the Bronte Park- this is a place for the best public barbecues that are coin operated. Enjoy all this with the beautiful sea views that the park offers.
  • Play at the Luna park- Take your kids to the Luna Park and ride the various play machines in the park. Hotels in Sydney While in Sydney there is a variety of hotels to choose from to stay .The hotels are fully equipped to meet your needs and ensure an enjoyable stay while visiting Sydney. One has an option to choose between cable or satellite television, rooms have free Wi-Fi. There is no need to worry about dirty laundry as the hotel does all the laundry. Fully licensed bars and nearby restaurants are convenient for one to grab a meal or drink. All you need to enjoy all of the above luxurious places is a valid Australia visa always.