Iglesia ni Cristo, or Church of Christ, is a known independent Christian church that was originated in the Philippines. This particular church claims to be the reform or reestablishment of the original church that was founded by Christ, which it claims to have been apostatized or abandoned. HistoryThe church Iglesia ni Cristo was founded by Felix Y. Manalo, who was born a Catholic to both Catholic parents. During the time that Manalo has been growing up, the Philippines is being introduced and exposed to various alternatives to Catholicism, which was the primary religion established by the Spanish. Manalo has joined and left a number of religious sects until he finally declared his mission to reestablish Jesus’ original church and founded the Iglesia ni Cristo in July 27, 1914. Manalo acted as the head minister, to a following crowd that was then only a handful, in the first church that was built in Santa Ana in Manila. By the year 2000, Iglesia ni Cristo is affiliated to 2.3 percent of the whole Philippine population and its members have reached over a million, with congregations covering more than 65 countries outside the Philippines. As years passed by and the membership community of the Iglesia ni Cristo grew larger and larger, the congregation has faced numerous controversies involving its members and the youth or the government. Still the church of Iglesia ni Cristo stood among the controversies and issues and held its people together. The Iglesia ni Cristo has even received a commendation from the Philippine’s House of Representative.AttractionsThe churches of the Iglesia ni Cristo all over the Philippines are very distinct and these establishments cannot be mistaken for anything else. The architecture is grand and unique. People new to the Philippines are often taken aback with the Iglesia ni Cristo churches’ beautiful structure. Sometimes people would catch sight of the magnificent church while the airplane they are on is about to land at Manila’s Airport. This is how easily the structure catches people’s attention. In the vicinity of an Iglesia ni Cristo church, the atmosphere is calm and serene. The whole area is solemn as it is, after all, a house of worship. The entire place is clean and well-maintained. It is indeed very inspiring to be in a place where everything is peaceful and orderly, and at the same time magnificently beautiful. You will definitely want to get the chance to see one of the Iglesia ni Cristo churches at night. The whole facade is illuminated by spotlights and, because of its high towers the church will be one of the first things you will see from afar when you drive along the roads of Manila. All you have to do once you reach the church’s vicinity is just find someone from the office to assist you with your inquiry. Then a friendly church member will probably walk with you around the area to not just accompany you but also to enlighten you of the churches history and mission.