Ibiza has become one of the leading social hotspots when traveling to Spain for the summer. Their relaxing beach life is only a prelude of things to come as die-hard party goers gear up for Ibiza after dark. Ibiza was originally inhabited by hippies in the 1960’s as a hot hangout spot. Today, that hippie lifestyle has become overshadowed by the modern club scene where the more outrageous the dress the better…in fact, it has become a clothing optional atmosphere. To get to the island of Ibiza your best bet is to fly into their airport, although you can also make it there by boat. When looking for transportation on or between the islands your options include bus, taxi, and boats. The most popular mode of transportation for tourists is taxi with fares ranging from $5 to $20 USD. In Ibiza, its also okay to barter your fare with the cabbies. When you are ready to head to the pubs and clubs for the night there is a “disco bus” that runs 23 hours a day. You will want to book your stay in Ibiza months in advance if you plan on staying there during the months of July and August when the party season is at its peak. The actual town of Ibiza is a convenient place to book your hotel because there are numerous bars and clubs within walking distance of each other. The town also has several inexpensive restaurants as well as some cute little tourist shops. By day, Ibiza is a relaxing beach town where tourists sleep off hangovers under the sun on bathing suit optional beaches. Around 7PM, the tanned bodies of Ibiza pack in the day of sun and begin to prepare for the night ahead. At around 9PM people head back to their rooms for a shower and dress themselves for an evening of hard partying. This may be followed up by a nap and some dinner before hitting a couple bars for some pre-party revelry around 11PM. When looking for pre-party bars you should start your search on Bourbon Street which has a plethora of bars, including the bar Dome. When walking down the streets of Ibiza at night you may think its Mardi Gras or even Halloween by the very wide range of dress etiquette followed by religious partiers. By midnight the clubs are in full swing and you will have no problem finding the hottest clubs with the hottest people in Ibiza. One thing to keep in mind is that Ibiza is not for the frugal. The cost to simply get your foot through the door of a popular club can cost you up to $65. One highly popular club is Amnesia, which holds a nightly foam party. Everyone on the dance floor becomes drenched in foam that can grow as high as six feet. This is followed by an early-morning bath. Be prepared to get soaked. Partygoers squeeze every last drop out of their long nights. After the clubs close at 6AM, many partygoers head back over to the bars which are just opening up for the day. They then head back to their rooms, or the beach, to sleep off the nights hangovers around noon.