Looking for a romantic honeymoon getaway? Look no further than Tahiti (not Thaiti). Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, it is French Polynesia’s largest island and one of the most beautiful choices for you to plan your romantic honeymoon. Tahiti offers the couple a chance to experience paradise while beginning their new life together. When planning your honeymoon, you’ll find there are a wide variety of places in which to stay. World-class hotels are available with suites overlooking the beautiful ocean or if you prefer a more up-front and personal experience, you can honeymoon in one of the many over-water bungalows that boast glass floors and a private balcony. You can even have your breakfast brought to you each morning by canoe. Either way, you’ll find romance in the air when you honeymoon in Tahiti. Once in Tahiti, you’ll find it is the ideal spot to simply sit back and relax with each other or, if you prefer the more active adventure, you will be able to enlist in a variety of activities. With crystal clear water available at all times, you’ll find top-notch snorkeling conditions and be able to share the experience of a lifetime while swimming along with some of the most beautiful marine life you’ve ever seen. If you and your loved one prefer, you can take a scenic cruise around the island on jet skis or if you prefer the slower, more languid pace, you can tour the islets in powered canoe. Either way, you’ll find exploring the water an adventure you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives. However, if you prefer to stay on the land, you’ll find Tahiti to be filled with stunning scenery and you’ll find there are many guided tours you can take to fully discover Tahitian life at its best. Many of the villages have shops that you will want to delve into and discover the magic and delight of their culture. Among your discovery of Tahitian culture, you’ll also find the cuisine to be exquisite. With a combination of Polynesian and French influence, you’ll encounter the exotic flavors of the south Pacific with such dishes as Poisson cru, Chevrettes, and Poe. Many newlyweds prefer the exploration that only a Tahitian cruise can provide. You’ll find many such cruises that will explore the South Pacific in style. Visiting all of the islands, your journey will include several options for you to choose from, including spa treatments, where you can enjoy a relaxing fresh-flower bath and a motu picnic, where you can relax in the shallow waters with your loved one. One of the most amazing things you can do when honeymooning in this paradise called Tahiti is to visit one of the many pearl shops on the island. The lagoon waters are well known for the Black Pearls as Tahiti is home to some of the most amazing pearl farms known to this world. Take a tour with your loved one and you can bring back a souvenir that will precede a lifetime of happy memories.