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French Polynesia Country Guide


French Polynesia is a community of Pacific Ocean Islands that includes Tahiti. These islands are under the French Overseas Collectivity and thus, they are called French Polynesia. As a proof of them being territory of France, French Polynesia sends representatives to the French Senate and House of Representatives.

While these facts are important, tourists are more interested on the exciting things to do in the French Polynesia and this article is bound to bring what you need.

We list herewith some of the wonderful things you will need to know in order to plan a visit to the magnificent islands in the French Polynesia.

Facts on Accommodation

Islands in the French Polynesia are managed by privately owned resorts. While you will surely love to stay in a posh over water bungalow or thatched hut over shallow lagoon, you have to prepare your pocket for the cost. However, if luxury and style are what your palate seeks, then these privately owned accommodations is what will provide you with the needed solace.

For the budget conscious tourists however, accommodation in family owned properties will give you the accommodation your budget can afford. While this may be a challenge, it is not going to be too difficult if you look in the outskirts of popular tourist areas.

The key in finding the type of accommodation you seek is by researching your destination in the French Polynesia before you pack your bag. Activities are likewise aplenty and your pocket needs to be considered when deciding on the destination and activities.

Activities in the French Polynesia

It may be worthwhile noting that there are dizzying number of wonderful beaches and resorts in and around the French Polynesia and thus you have to seek what your heart desires in terms of activities.

To give you an idea, here is a short list. This is not a complete list but this will give you an idea of how diverse the exciting things you can do in the French Polynesia.

Water activities

Shark and Ray Feeding

Are you in for the challenge? Do not worry because all sharks involved in this tour are not aggressive. If you do not want to feed the sharks, then the guides will. On you part, you can feed the stingrays. Again, do not worry, they are not aggressive.

Dolphin Quest

Go for a swim with bottlenose dolphin. You can give commands and pet the dolphin while in the water.

Aqua Blue Tour

Snorkel and scuba dive with experienced guides under the beautiful waters in Moorea Island.

Outdoor Fun

Land Rover Circle Tour

An exciting 4x4 tour circling the entire Moorea Island is an experience for everyone. The experience will make your knee jerk but it is exciting enough not to be missed.

Belvedere Lookout

Enjoy the fascinating view of Mount Torui, Cook and Opunohu Bays from the Belvedere Lookout. A tour you can enjoy also in the Moorea Island.

Wind fun

Wind fun such as windsurfing, kite surfing and water skiing as some of the outdoor activities you can enjoy in several areas around the French Polynesia.

You can also take a cruise or an enjoyable glass bottomed boat ride in the waters of Moorea.

There are other activities you can do on the wonderful white sand beaches and picnic fun is very welcome all around.

French Polynesia offers tourists unmatched excitement and activities. If you think that French Polynesia is only for the moneyed tourist, you are mistaken. Several areas all around are free to enjoy. Just a walk in the beach is an experience on its own.

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