“A lot of people advised us to get away and have one last holiday together to make sure we keep that friendship going through the turbulent times ahead.” – Chris Rayner, Consumer Insight Newsletter Three major television networks have explored the notion of a Babymoon vacation. This unique and growing vacation idea that is finding a highly receptive audience. According to Candace L. Robertson, “The term ‘babymoon,’ coined by British author and childbirth educator Sheila Kitzinger, has been defined as the important time a family spends together alone during a baby's first few days of life. This alone time helps mothers and fathers bond with their baby, as well as adjust to their new roles as parents.” The premise behind this travel trend is patterned after the time-honored tradition of a Honeymoon. In this case the celebration is an extension of a couple’s joy to the newest member of the family. A Babymoon is a means of recalling one of the most precious moments in the life of a family. It becomes a rite of passage from a couple to a family and for many it becomes a potent memory. Some couples participate in a Babymoon prior to the delivery as a means of indulging the parents while others will wait until the birth of the baby. In either case many travel destinations around the world are exploring ways to make a Babymoon an inviting idea for new parents. Many couples indicate that a Babymoon provides a much needed means of reducing stress. In relating some of the health benefits of a Babymoon, author Gia Portfolio says, “During pregnancy, baby-safe spa treatments can help circulation, improve complexion, and nourish skin, as well as relieve pregnancy-related aches and pains. Post birth, spa treatments designed with the new mother in mind provide relaxation and help alleviate stress.” Many American states and several countries are providing Babymoon friendly resorts, spas, hotels and Bed & Breakfast establishments. These specialized accommodations may provide a number of gifts and amenities for the happy couple and their child. Gifts may come in the form of a robe that will fit your child; you may also be offered family discounts at regional shops and massages for both mother and child. High-end resorts are also discovering the benefits of catering to this inspired and motivated segment of family oriented travelers. For Babymooners the trip takes on various meanings depending on when the couple takes the trip and what the expectations are. For some it is a tender time with a new addition to the family while others use the time as a time to reduce tension prior to parenthood. Still others look to the Babymoon as a means of revisiting the romance that assisted in the pending celebration of parenthood. Savvy entrepreneurs are providing special gifts for a Babymoon that include items for both parent and child. Parents who have been through the birthing process and are well aware of the stress associated with childbirth often assemble these gifts for delighted parents-to-be. As of this writing there are more than forty America states that have accommodations specifically for a Babymoon. In all, there are five countries that have indicated they welcome Babymoon guests with specific accommodations and services specific to the needs of expecting parents. As the trend spreads prepare to watch available resorts grow.