A castle a day’s how this tourist will play. Portugal is perhaps famous for its over one hundred and fifty castles and forts, all masterfully built. If you only have a week in Portugal, check out some of these architectural wonders for yourself. A short drive between any two destinations will almost always result in the sighting of at least one castle, since there are so many crowded into the small but beautiful country. Many of these castles have been converted into hotels for the modern tourist, meaning that you can stay in a medieval castle for your vacation and feel like a king or queen yourself. For a quick trip through Portugal, allow us to show you the way to experience seven castles in seven days. Let us start out with the gorgeous Castelo de S. Jorge (Saint George’s Castle) in Libson, where ducks and geese might be seen roaming the castle gardens. This castle was conquered by the moors in 1147, when most of the rest of Europe was just learning how to build castles! The second castle on our week in Portugal shall be the Sesimbra Castle, which presents us with beautiful ocean vistas and lovely beach views. Refresh yourself with a swim in the ocean or just spend a few hours lying in the warm sand. Be sure to check out the world famous seafood while you are staying in this little port town. Our third castle is the Castelo dos Mouros (Moorish Castle) in the Sintra Hills, the ambiance of which is amazing. This castle was built in the eighth century, and is atop a hill overlooking several villages and towns, and the view will take your breath away. Continue on to the medieval village of Óbidos, which is enclosed by the walls of the Castelo de Óbidos. The castle protects this little village as it has done for centuries. This castle, set in the rich, green hills of Portugal, practically glows. The castle itself is one of the converted monuments, and you can stay within the castle itself during your trip. Fifth on our castle list is the small but lovely Linhares castle. The remainder of this castle is very small compared to some of the other places on this tour, but no less beautiful. Drive right up to this slightly boxy castle and explore. Nearing the end of our castle tour, we find ourselves approaching Castelo de Vide in the Alentejo tourist region. The castle, a fourteenth century beauty, is surrounded by rows of white houses that are charming and delightful. Visit the amazing medieval synagogue while you are there, and take care not to get lost in the winding alleyways around the town. Last on our magnificent castle tour is the huge Castelo de Marvão, which is located at the top of a walled village. This castle boasts some positively amazing gardens, which have to be seen to be believed. Enjoy your tour of Portugal and your trip through history as you visit some of the amazing castles that make up the historical landmarks of this beautiful country.