Are you looking for a unique idea for a family vacation or weekend getaway? Go full sail on the nautical theme and consider a stay in a lighthouse. Packed full of history, and literally right on the coast, they guarantee panoramic ocean views from up close and a super short walk to the beach. Experience how it is to sleep in these iconic structures at the most remote locations in the world. Here are some of our best picks.

1. Heceta Head Lighthouse (USA)

Haceta Head LighthouseThe east and west coast of the United States are home to gorgeous lighthouses where you can stay for the night. With its red roof and glorious views, the 120-year-old Heceta Head Lighthouse is the most photographed lighthouse of America’s state Oregon (on the west coast). The former lighthouse assistant quarter is now a lovely bed and breakfast that can accommodate 15 people and arranges tours of the lighthouse as well. Here you can relax at an original handcrafted fireplace with fantastic ocean views in absolute quietness.

2. Cuckolds Lighthouse (USA)

The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse welcomes guest in its suites for a luxurious getaway on an island just off the coast of the state of Maine. The unique holiday journey starts with a 15 minutes' boat ride from the mainland to the islet. You might even be lucky to spot on your way seals in the water. During your stay, explore the tide pools, picnic on the rocks or just enjoy the fabulous views from your suite. For a truly memorable experience, you can reserve the entire hotel (and island) for an ultimate paradise feeling in complete privacy.

3. West Point Lighthouse (Canada)

West Point LighthouseWest Point Lighthouse sits on Prince Edward Island in Canada and is with its 67 feet, Prince Edward's tallest lighthouse. The island is well known for its attractive red colored sand beaches, delicious seafood, and significant presence of lighthouses (nearly 30 are towering above the island). Here, you can book the “Tower Room” in the actual lighthouse tower or in the “Keepers Quarters”, which were the actual room where the lighthouse keeper's family resided. Also in Europe, you find beautiful retreats that rise above the common and offer extraordinary experiences with fantastic views. From wild locations at the Irish coast, via the charming counties of Cornwall and Kent in the United Kingdom, to the lesser-known Adriatic coast of Croatia.

4. Clare Island Lighthouse (Ireland)

The location of Clare Island Lighthouse is amazing and wild, at the end of a small island off the west coast of Ireland. Small cottages were built around the original lighthouse, and together they form a fabulous boutique hotel, in classic style. Here you can relax close to the fireplace in the common living area or explore the pristine nature of the island by bike or by foot. In the evening guests enjoy a set menu in the elegant dining room altogether.

5. Porer Lighthouse (Croatia)

If you want to get away from it all, there is nothing better than staying on an island. In the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, you have the possibility to get such an amazing experience sleeping in one of the two apartments (specially designed for families) of the beautiful Porer Lighthouse. This light (built in 1833) sits on the islet of the same name, southwest of Istria's southernmost Cape at 2.5 km from the mainland. The island is very tiny (it takes just over a minute to walk around it) and has one of the most stunning sunsets of the entire Adriatic. You will spend your time in complete privacy and peace. Take a dive in the water, explore the beautiful sea bottoms rich in life, go fishing or just read a book nearby the lighthouse.

6. Trinity House - Lighthouse cottages (UK)

Around the coast of the United Kingdom, there exists a unique collection of self-catering lighthouse holiday cottages at the most stunning locations. From the tip of Cornwall and the southeastern county of Kent through to the cliffs at Whitby on the Yorkshire Coast, these properties are a great getaway for groups of friends and families alike. Here you are completely away from the hustle and bustle of the usual holiday spots, without missing out on the local attractions and activities in the surroundings. Each one of these lighthouse accommodations come with a great outdoor area where to unwind and play with the whole family. Inside they are equipped with the modern amenities of the best quality. Bright, modern interiors with superior bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas all finished with accessories in nautical theme. While staying in the lighthouse cottages, you'll learn about their fascinating history. Some are even still functioning, so ear plugs are recommended in times of fog! In the summer months, guided tours let you experience how the lighthouses work, who they serve and how long they've been doing their jobs. When the sun sets, it is time to go outside and abmire the colors of the sky that change every few minutes. Read underneath more about two of the Trinity House Lighthouses that rent out holiday cottages.

7. Trevose Head Lighthouse (Cornwall, UK)

Trevose Head LighthouseThe majestic headland just west of the town of Padstow, in Cornwall, is the setting for the Trevose Head Lighthouse. The Trevose’s keepers’ cottages are situated 75 feet (23 meters) above the sea level and can be reached via a one-mile-long private road. Right outside the lighthouse, you can jump on the South West Coast Walking Path, rated as one of the top hiking trails in Europe. The wildlife and views of impressive cliffs, and secluded coves along the way are truly inspirational.Trevose Head Lighthouse in Cornwall UK

8. North Foreland Lighthouse (Kent, UK)

Two holiday cottages are available at the North Foreland Lighthouse, which lies on the chalk headland above the charming and unspoiled coastal town of Broadstairs at the far eastern tip of Kent. Both cottages are very child-friendly, surrounded by spacious lawned grounds, set well away from cliffs, and with an excellent sandy beach only a few minutes’ walk away. Set amidst the most beautiful coastal scenery, a night in a lighthouse provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy the idyllic surroundings in peace. Give it a try!