Home to one of the world's oldest civilizations, Turkey houses a number of spectacular tourist spots bustling with natural abundance and religious heritage. Turkey has been inhibited since the Paleolithic age which has left a lasting impression on the current population and the culture of the country. The structures built by the ancient Anatolian Civilizations and the Romans scatter throughout the country attracting thousands of travelers throughout the year the biodiversity is also astonishing, accommodating 80,000 animal species and numerous pre-historic plant species in the world. There are so many cruise ships, ferries and luxury ships to visit. Listed below are some.

It is the largest city of Turkey and considered to be the world's most culturally rich city. Istanbul has witnessed the progression of Anatolian civilization, rise and fall of Constantinople, Ottoman era and the development of the Turkish era which is depicted throughout the structures of the city. The surrounding port of the city with the ancient structures create a heavenly atmosphere which makes it irresistible to visit. The best tourist attractions of the city are: the upside down head of Medusa in the Basilica Cistern, Byzantine masterpiece Aya Sofya, and Topkapi palace, Blue Mosque, Archaeology Museum, Chora Church and Galata Tower.

Alaeddin Mosque, Konya?
Situated at the heart of the city Konya, Alaeddin Mosque is the oldest and the biggest in Konya. Built in 1221 by the Seljuk Sultan it is located roughly 715 kilometers south west of Istanbul. The advanced architectural structures and the incorporated interiors from different ages are the most noticeable aspects of this site

Mount Ararat
As per the mythological belief Mount Ararat is the traditional resting place for Noah's Ark located near the Armenian-Iranian border. Reaching a staggering 5,165 meters Mount Ararat is a dormant volcano and its top is covered with snow throughout the year making it a scenic wonder. Tourists from around the world gather every year to trek to the mountaintop.

Shrine of Mary, Ephesus?
Believed to be the home for Virgin Mary for the last years of her life, Shrine of Mary is situated upon the Bulbul Mountain and 9 kilometers south of the ancient Greek city of Ephesus. There is also a healing fountain which attracts thousands of pilgrims yearlong.

Akdamar Island, Lake Van?
The monument of Armenian architecture, the ruined church of Akdamar Island still stands tall amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Lake Van and the surrounding mountains. The natural life in this island is full of variety of birds and large trees which makes one speechless. These are just a few of the thousands of sacred and naturally diverse places to visit in Turkey. There are 40 national parks, 189 nature parks and hundreds other preserved natural habitats in Turkey to explore. The best way to travel is to have no fixed itinerary and an indomitable desire of exploring new places.

Reaching here and getting around: Travelers from abroad can apply online for Turkish evisa .The best way to start is to fly to Istanbul in search of these sacred place.