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Turkey Country Guide


Turkey is a unique European country in many ways. It is one of those countries which have a very rich history and traditional culture. It has a lot of important events attached to it. There are lots and lots of places in this country which are interesting to visit and are able to attract the attention of a lot of people towards Turkey. Istanbul, the country's capital and world famous mosque/museum Hagia Sophia are such places. Recognized officially as the Republic of Turkey, this country is one of the few countries that straddle between the Asian and European continents. Turkey shares its borders with Bulgaria on the northwest, Greece to the west, Georgia on the northeast, Armenia, Iran and Azerbaijan on the east, Iraq and Syria on the southeast, Cyprus and the Mediterranean Sea on the south, the Aegean archipelago and Sea on the west, and the Black Sea on the north.

Since the ancient times, the country of Turkey has been the sight of some of the major events in history. It had served as the battleground where Achilles fought the Trojans in Homer’s Iliad, where Alexander the Great defeated the Gordion Knot and the venue which was used by the Ottoman Empire to defeat its adversaries and caused it to become one of the greatest empires in human history. Many of the ruins and relics of these historical events can still be seen throughout the country, providing travelers a glimpse into the rich historical and cultural heritage of this magnificent country. Today, the country of Turkey offers a number of different attractions which would appeal to the traveler who is looking for a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis and rejuvenate your body and mind. The country is popular for its Hamams, or Turkish baths, situated all over the country, which are beautifully decorated as you go through a ritual of cleansing, relaxation and rejuvenation dating back to the Ottoman Empire.

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