With its pristine beaches, exotic locations and amazing scenic beauty Australia is amongst the most popular holiday destinations this day, with people across the world wanting to visit the country which is believed to be a paradise on earth. The aboriginals of Australia are believed to have arrived there about 50000 years ago from the south east of Asia. These people lived in the continent during the time of European settlement and were mostly hunters. With around 300 clans, speaking over 250 languages and around 700 dialects, these clans were spiritually interconnected. Though the different clans had specific areas as their habitat, they traveled across the whole continent reasons being trade, water etc…

Happening outdoor lifestyle, rocking nightlife, amazing streets markets make the cities of Australia a dream destination for not only the youth but for all age groups. The amazing cities of Australia are a must visit 4 travelers across the world. Here is a sneak peek at Australia’s most happening cities: Sydney, Melbourne (Victoria), Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Alice Springs (northern territory), Gold coast (Queensland), Brome (Western Australia)

Rocking events occupy the Australian calendar throughout the year.

Hobart summer festival in December -January, Sydney festival ,tour down under festival in January, Australia day(26th January),grand prix in March, summer cricket season(November-March), Melbourne cup(1st Tuesday every November)Melbourne food and wine festival, Sydney to Hobart Yacht race, the much awaited Australian open to name a few. There are many such exciting happenings going on all around the year. It’s so full of life.

If you are in Australia and you cannot afford to miss the beaches and coastal areas. Visit these places to witness nature in its wildest form. Byron by, Whitsunday, Gold coast, Mornington peninsula, Hazards beach, Margaret River, Fleurieu peninsula are amongst the most popular ones.

The Country that holds over 550 national parks and 15 world heritages, getting up close and personal with Mother Nature isn’t a big deal. There is something for everybody. Snowcapped mountains for the mountain lovers, aqua-blue sea and lovely beaches for the beach lovers, it has everything that one could ask for. A Country which holds even the most extinct creature and animals of variety, Australia is a paradise for nature lovers without doubt. Even the most modern cites are out skirted and bounded with lot of greenery. You get to witness fabulous beauty in all elements of nature-land, water and air. You can as well try out the Ningloo reef where you get to see the worlds largest fish-the whale shark swimming in the crystal clear water, the Kakadu national park, and enjoy the scenic beauty of thousands of migratory birds, wetlands and the Philip islands, ancient rain forests, the Great Barrier Reef and the Australian Alps, to name a few.

Getting there

Almost all the leading airlines have their flights to Australia. Contact the major airlines or your Australian travel agent.