A pristine corner of Italy, Liguria’s “Riviera di Ponente” - that stretches from Genoa westward to the French border - is a succession of suggestive villages interspersed with the lush green of nature. This small land squeezed between the mountains and the sea is the right place for experiencing the authentic Italian life.

Immerse yourself in its untouched traditions, discover the tastes and scent of an excellent cuisine, wander in small authentic fishing villages and relax on the sandy beaches in secluded bays. Plus, incredible possibilities for hiking in breathtaking scenery and for traveling through wine and olive yards in the hills of the hinterland.

All this in a magnificent piece of land called “Liguria di Ponente" (meaning of the setting sun).

The lovely beaches

On this site of the Ligurian coast, you find clean sandy beaches or beaches with pebbles and stones, all secluded from tourism. Whether you go to Alassio, home to one of the longest beaches of the Ligurian coast, Finale Ligure, Varigotti or to the nice beach of the town Noli, their position in hidden coves or along beautiful palm tree-lined promenades, will make your sunbathing day unique.

The suggestive villages


Alassio PanoramaA long promenade, shaded by palm and pine trees, runs along the fabulous beach of Alassio. It is a perfect place to relax and cool off after a day in the sun or to taste some delicious fish specialties. 
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Noli BeachNoli is an attractive small resort, for its sandy beaches and promenade decorated with palm trees. It is one of the few historic villages along the Ligurian coast, where fishing boats still operate; many of them are tied up at the top of the beach.
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Varigotti BeachThe scenic fishing village of Varigotti, backed by hills planted with olive and lemon trees, is overlooking a beautiful tranquil beach and the blue Mediterranean Sea. 
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Finale Ligure

Finale LigureNot for nothing the Italians have an expression “Dolce far niente” which is about the sweetness of doing nothing… That is exactly how you should spend your day in Finale Ligure. Walk on a sunny morning over its splendid promenade, or visit the elegant shops downtown. 
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Finalborgo BicycleFinalborgo is the traditional village situated just a few miles inland from Finale Ligure. It is a charming walled village with a marvelous historic center that lends itself readily to strolling, shopping, having lunch or savoring an exquisite dinner. 
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The panoramic trails

This part of Liguria is home to some amazing coastal trails. A fantastic (and fairly easy) hike is the one from Noli village to the Saracens Bay in Varigotti. It is a mix of hiking, walking and experiencing new lands all in one. You can visit ancient Romanesque churches, pass alluring villages, and reach an amazing natural cave overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Stop to enjoy the breathtaking panoramas, relax on a large promontory jutting into the sea, and discover neatly terraced vineyards on the slopes. At the bay of Varigotti, famous for its peaceful ambiance, clean sea water, and lush Mediterranean vegetation, reward yourself with a fresh drink and unwind a moment on the lovely beach.

The fertile hills

Close to the city of Genoa, you find almost 1,000 square miles of coast, mountains, and valleys full of green pines and olive trees. Marvel the cliffs that are miraculously supporting terraced farmland that has fed the region for centuries. Wine and oil are the essences of this part of Liguria. Discover how, for more than two centuries, cultivation of the olive has ruled the daily life and the economy of this region. Visit a traditional olive farm or winery (mostly of small artisanal producers), where you’ll hear about family stories, and experience from first-hand the attachment of the inhabitants of the valley to its ancient rural traditions. Enjoy a fine wine, taste some rich olive oil or delicious cheeses and feel the authentic Italian “dolce vita”.

The authentic cuisine

Let yourself be seduced by the gastronomical treasures of this region which make you fall in love with the cuisine created in this unique meeting point of the mountains and the sea.

Homemade pasta, pesto, and focaccia have long been famous well beyond the borders of this area, but here you can discover their most authentic taste when made with smooth olive oil and served with locally produced wines (such as the white light-bodied Vermentino) with intense aroma and flavor.

Liguria is the sea, mountains, and cliffs that emerge from the Mediterranean waters. Its fascinating landscape is ideal for sightseeing and hiking. It is a region with a rich history and calm beaches. This part of Liguria is the favorite holiday destination of many Italian families; here you can experience authentic Italy in style.