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Italy Country Guide

Italy Country Guide


The rolling hills of the countryside and fresh grown sunflowers speeding past your window on the train, brings you to a place of wonderment. Italy's largest city Rome is located in Lazio province. Also known for the plethora of pasta shapes and pastries, Italy grabs your attention once you step foot on its' soil. Situated between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, Italy has 20 different provinces. All the provinces have different traditions and dialect that makes each one special in their own way. Each province has it's own capital, most famously is Florence, Tuscany, Milano, Lombardy, and Perugia, Umbria..

What To See In Italy
Rome offers a wide range of sights that collect millions from around the world to it's doorstep. Such as the Vatican Museums, St. Peters Basilica, Colosseum, but there are a few other attractions that many miss out on.

Then there is Venice, which pours the charm of the Renassiance Age. With canals as streets, Venice says 'settle in and breathe in the sea air'.

Italy has so many things to see that it would probably take more than a lifetime to get around most of it's sights and attractions. There are so many more cities and regions also filled with interesting places !
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