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An isolated province in Apulia, Molise, Italy, got recognized in 1963. The northern side is bordered by Abruzzi, western by Lazio, southern by Campania and eastern by Apulia. The northeastern side boasts of the pristine coastline of Adriatic Sea. There are various tourist destinations that are worth visiting here. Molise has some beautiful abbeys, castles and striking ruins.

Molise is home of Samnites, the locals who regularly defeated the Romans. Actually Molise is the name of a castle and a warlord family. Molise remained a part of the Kingdom of Naples until 1861.

Molise has adopted the cuisines of its neighbors Campania and Apulia and has added its own rustic ingredients. Lamb, mutton and ewe are favorite meats and as a matter of fact they are a basis of specialties such as Cacio e Uova that is cooked in the earthenware pots. Pecorino, Caciocavallo and Scamorza are the renowned cheeses that belong to this region.

Campobasso is the capital of Molise. The city is divided into two: the new town is situated in the plains whereas the old town is located in a hilly area. Due to the frequent earthquakes and World War II bombings much of the city was damaged. However, it has been remarkable restored now.

Yet another ancient town is Isernia that has flourishing businesses like embroidery and stonework. It is famous for its 14th century church Fontana Fraterna.

Termoli is the port of Molise and is also a large seaside resort. The Cathedral of San Basso is a famous monument that has the relics of St. Paul. The 12th century Swabian Castle was built to defend Termoli from frequent enemy attacks.
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