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Sardeigna Region Guide


Sardegna region in Italy is the second largest island present in the Mediterranean Sea. Over here you can find mountains like Limbara, Supramonte and Sulcis that contribute to its rugged landscape. The coastline of Sardegna is rocky and the region is surrounded by many other small islands.

Most of the people here live in Cagliari and Sassari provinces. The economy is largely dependent on sheep raising and related activities. However, tourism plays an important role too. it is also well known for the production of cheeses. The tranquil waters and untouched landscape along with the perfect climate in summers make this place a dream destination for the tourists. Sardegna can be reached via ferry or airplane. There are many villas and hotels that one can find here easily.

One can find evidence suggesting human presence in this island dating back to 150,000 years. The island was ruled by the Phonicians in 9th century BC. A few centuries later Sardegna was constantly invaded by the Saracens from the regions of Africa, Spain and Sicily.

One of the important monuments here is the Castello di Serravalle that was built in 1112 by the Malaspina family. Located along the west coast, only the wall and towers of this building are still left. Just below the castle along the banks of river Temo, the medieval town was built.

Domus de janas Sant’Andrea Priu in the province of Sassari is a Neolithic necropolis of around 3000 BC. This Domus is present on the rocky soil and consists of doors and windows.
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