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Lazio Region Guide


Lazio or Latium is a region of Italy which used to be the home to the Etruscan and Latin peoples. Its capital is Rome (which is also capital of the Italian Republic).
Although Lazio was a poor area in the past, nowadays it is one of the most important regions of Italy. Its wealth comes from traditional agriculture, textiles, pharmaceuticals and tourism among others.

Parks and lakes located in Lazio are well known all around the world. One of the most famous is the Lake Posta Fibreno, where there is a floating island created by algae, trees and other vegetables. In addition, Circeo National Park is the home to a wide range of migratory birds’ species. In this park, it is also possible to visit prehistoric relics placed in an underground cave. Lazio also gained popularity due to its football team. Italians are very fond of this sport and the Societa Sportiva Lazio team has lots of fans.

Lazio cuisine shows three important influences. The Jews added their cultural influence to Italian cuisines which can be tasted in dishes such as deep-fried artichokes. The bordering region of Abruzzo has included recipes with fish and pasta. The pizzas, sweets and other delicious recipes are called “alla Romana” due to their origin.

Since many years ago, Lazio inhabitants have enjoyed the pleasure and benefit that thermal baths offer to their bodies and minds. This feature has been the reason of many upcoming hydrotherapeutic centers in Lazio. Therefore, in Lazio region, tourists can enjoy a collection of attractions that are bound to be memorable.
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