Rome is the capital city of Italy. It is a magnificent city due to the abundance of it's great monuments and pieces of art. Rome is one of the largest tourism and pilgrimage center of the world. The city is located about midway of the north/south latitudes and east/west longitudes of the country.

The history of Rome is a magnificent piece of art in itself. In ancient times, climate, fertility, geography and culture created a mix for settlers to come all over Italy to be part of the growing Roman Empire.
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What to see in Rome
The colosseum, Spanish Steps, Roman Forum, catacombs, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican and much more!

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When to go go
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Trip Advices
There is so much to see in Rome that planning a multiple days trip to the city is absolutely preferred. If not, then be prepared to run all the time to visit the most popular tourist spots. Even then, it is almost impossible to visit the main tourist attractions, visit the Vatican and "get the feel" of Rome all in one day.