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Lombardy Region Guide


Lombardy in Italy is in the heart of Northern Italy. The Alps, Switzerland and Emilia Romagna surround Lombardy. In the south it is surrounded by the Po River. In this Italian region, tourists will find the worldwide famous lakes like Como, Maggiore, and Garda. Lomabrdy has a lot to offer to the tourists in terms of history and art that are complete with the amazing Alpine and beautiful lake landscapes.

Economically this region depends a lot on the agriculture and tourism. Regarding food, Lombardy has its own delicious recipes such as Minestrone alla Milanese, which contains vegetable, bacon and vegetables, Risotto alla Milanese, which is a creamy rice mixture with meat and Osso Bucco, whose main ingredient is a knuckle of veal with the marrowbone. Wines in Lombardy are as important as in other Italian regions. The Valtellina Superiore wine variety is one of the stars in the area. Some tourist agencies organize visits to the vineyards.

Milan in Lombardy is a modern city which is the seat of Italian Stock Exchange also known as Piazza Affari. It is also a dream city for fashion designers as we have mentioned before. La Scala is also located in Milan that welcomes opera enthusiasts from around the world.

Lombardy or “Land of the Lakes” is considered being the richest region of Italy. In past centuries, this region was also the home to patrician families who patronized all sorts of artists.

Some important World Heritage Sites over here are the Church and Dominican Convent of Saint Maria Delle Grazie having the Last Supper (Leonardo da Vinci) and Prehistoric Rock drawings in Valcamonica.
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