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Calabria Region Guide


Calabria is a very special region of Italy. It is considered to be an underdeveloped region due to its geographical locations and its history. For instance, it is thought that it is this region of Italy, where the evidences suggest the first presence of humans.

Regarding economy, Calabria supported its financial system through agriculture by growing crops like onions, mushrooms, cereal grains, citrus fruit and oil amongst others. Additionally, Calabria is proud of producing the largest amounts of bergamots in Italy, which is used in perfume industry.

Apart from that, Calabria is an incredible tourist destination due to its magnificent coast line. Also because of the modern technological applications some years ago, Calabria now has one of the cleanest, nicest coastlines in the Italian peninsula. The most popular resorts are located in Scale and Tropea. Apart from the coastline surrounding mountains like the northern Pollino Chain, Central Sila woody plateau and the southern Serre and Aspromonte chains form an imposing landscape.

If you want to spend calm and relaxing vacations, Calabria can be your perfect destination. Calabria is ready to offer you its picturesque scenery, which will enable you to enjoy a wonderful panorama of nature. This nature involves white sand beaches, the transparency of ocean waters, exuberant forests and rustic charming villas such as Principe di Scilla “u Bais” and Villa San Domenico, which are now luxurious and comfortable hotels.

Calabria also provides visitors with an unexpected Greek heritage through its Greek ruins. In addition, if you are fond of diving, you can discover ships damaged off the coast during an underwater adventure.
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