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Basilicata Region Guide


If you check the map of Italy, you will see that the region of Basilicata forms the instep of the boot. Other famous Italian regions such as Campania and Calabria surround it. The Tyrrhenian Sea is also part of its incredible scenery. This is mostly a mountainous region but it has a small area with small lakes, which makes this part of Basilica an idyllic area to spend relaxing vacations in touch with nature. In spite of its dry climate, one of the most important items, which support Basilicata economy, is agriculture, which includes its famous olives and plums.

The most important attraction of Basilicata is a wide range of small and ancient villages, which offer amazing surprises to visitors. For example, tourists can buy ceramic, textile handwork and beautiful woodcarvings in any of these charming villages.

Numerous festivals are held in Basilicata but the most important is the one that is held in May. This festival has pagan origin and in it a tall tree (often an oak) is cut and then dragged into the main square. The most important aim of this festival is to ensure ground fertility.

One can never get bored in Basilicata. If you like artistic pieces and ancient buildings, you can enjoy the wonderful architecture and historical art of churches and medieval castles located in this region. The Sassi and Park of Rupestrian Churches of Matera located south of Basilicata are in the list of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Yet another important monument over here is San Mauro Forte which is an 11th century castle that was built to fortify the entire village.
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