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Half of Puglia (or Apulia), Italy, is a peninsula that is mostly flat. But there is a presence of the Southern Apennine Mountains. Le Murge is the name of the hilly area while plains are called Terra di Bari, Penisola Salentina and Tavoliere. Puglia has a long coastline with sandy beaches.

Puglia region has a thriving agriculture industry that was developed in the recent years by using the most modern methods. Now Puglia is the largest producer of crops like tomato, olives and eggplants. Sheep raising industry in the plains and fishing industry in the Gulf of Taranto are other important industries here. Tourism industry is at its peak during the summer time.

The region of Puglia was colonized by the Greeks in the ancient times. However, in the 4th century the Romans occupied this territory. Puglia came under the Kingdom of Italy in 1860. Due to various types of invasions and rulers, one can find many different dialects that are spoken here. Northern Pugliese, Salentino (Sicilian dialect), and Griko, a hybrid language are spoken by the locals here.

Castello Normanno Svevo is a famous landmark in Puglia. It was built by King Ruggero II who was a Norman, in 1132, to protect the city of Bari.

Puglia’s placement over two coasts makes it a perfect tourist destination. Apart from it the lovely weather, the stunning countryside add charm to this region. The highlight of Puglia is the Trullo. These are the tiny cone roofed buildings that fill the northern Puglia and are protected as a world heritage site by UNESCO.
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