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Liguria Region Guide
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Liguria Region Guide


Liguria is a portion of land in Italy which is located over the Ligurian Sea (which is a part of the larger Mediterranean Sea), surrounded by the Apennines and Maritime Alps. This Italian region is also called the Italian Riviera because there are lots of famous cities and resorts located along its coast. Liguria is a green region overlooking the sea, which offers outstanding views with palms, seafronts and multicolored houses. Liguria is also near Monaco and the French Riviera. The main difference between Liguria and these other two destinations is that Liguria is still hardly undiscovered. When you walk around any part of Liguria, you travel to the past. Its capital city, Genova, has a famous past which has kept its charm.

In Genova, there are two main attractions, Villa Doria and Villa Durazzo Pallavicini, which are worth a visit. The first one is home to a museum to honor one of the most famous sailors around the world: Christopher Columbus. On the other hand, Villa Durazzo Pallavicini is also the home to a museum, the Museo Civico di Archeologica Ligure, which has other extra attractions such as a castle, a lake and a wonderful park. If you are thinking about food, Ligurian cuisine is not as related to seafood as you might imagine. Despite that, a variety of fish are added to some of their main recipes but a vegetable pie is one of the most delicious dishes. Liguria is a heavily forested region comprising of trees like chestnut and oaks. There are many olive groves and vineyards. The mild climate and the wonderful landscape of Liguria attract many tourists each year. Cinque Terre, five historically preserved villages, is part of a provincial park on the coast of the Mediterranean sea and is very worth while to tour.

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