The port is the historical and geographical backbone of Genoa. The first port in Italy is a huge complex 22 km long with 2 lanterns, 6 marinas, an aquarium, a sea museum, another of the Antarctic, bars and restaurants, terminals for ferries and cruise ships, shipyards and containers .

The city has built its greatness on its port activity from the time of the Crusades to the recent renovation of the Old Port by a local child, the arch-celebrity architect Renzo Piano from the Boccadasse district.

The port of Genoa is the most important in Italy and the starting point in the 20th century for millions of emigrants on their way to the United States, Brazil or Argentina.

Main attractions of the Genoa port district

Lantern of the port of Genoa

The Lantern of Genoa is located west of the Pre and Old Town district of Genoa.

Aquarium of Genoa and the Biosphere. This is one of the largest aquariums in Europe along with the Barcelona Aquarium and the Lisbon Oceanorium. Great for young and old.

Galata, Museum of the Sea

The Old Port is also home to one of the most interesting museums in Genoa: The Galata Museum on the history of the port, emigration/immigration, boats and navigation.

The port and the marina

If you like boats, from rowboats to galleons, yachts, sailboats and others, you won't miss this sight.