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The region of Marche, Italy, or Le Marche has been visited from tourists from all over the world during the last decade. This region offers an array of landscapes right from the mountains to pristine beaches. Marche offers an incredibly beautiful coast and rustic surroundings. Although Italians have been enjoying Marche beaches for years, foreigners have just discovered them.

Considering food in Marche, its recipes are full of delicious ingredients of the sea as well as the farm. Marche inhabitants prepare many recipes with the most famous fish of the area called Brodetto. They also cook tasty lasagna with ground pork, mushrooms, tomato and bi'chamel sauce and some local truffles. Wines are very important for Italians when it is time for having lunch or dinner. Marche’s wines include the popular Rosso Picenoand and the dazzling Vernaccia di Serrapetrona. Despite that, the most famous wines in Marche are white wines, including Verdicchio variety.

Leather and textile industries are predominant contributors to the economy of Marche. High quality paper and musical instruments are also manufactured here. Tourism industry has recently grown.

Marche offers incredible villa holidays to enjoy the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea in combination with the view of the Apennine Mountains. The most incredible villas are located in Appechio, Cartoceto and Cesena.

Frasassi Grottos in the province of Ancona in Marche, are simply breathtaking. Present in the Apennine mountains, these are caves that rise over a deep canyon. The Santa Casa of Loreto is a famous pilgrimage site in Italy, which consists of a basilica, a marble mausoleum and the Holy House.
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