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Abruzzo is the region of the April 2009 systemic earthquakes in Italy which sadly caused deaths and damage in, among others, the historic medieval city of L'aquila. Please check with the local tourism offices for information about the current state of the region before visiting.

Abruzzo is an incredible region of Italy known all over the world for its ski resorts which welcome visitors in winter and its sandy beaches which are full of tourists in summer.

Tourists will be pleasantly surprised with the activities that can be experienced in Abruzzo. In addition, they will be able to try the Mediterranean food which includes the best fresh caught fish and mollusk cooked with traditional Italian recipes.

If you are planning to travel to this amazing Italian region, you should take into account to visit the medieval fortresses like the incredible Guardiagrele, which was built to protect the village inhabitants from their enemies. On the other hand, Abruzzo is also the ideal place to enjoy the amalgamation of modern technology and art when visiting Porta della Terra Museum, which is a center of study of both the subjects.

Abruzzo festivals (for example, the annual festival of the Madonna della Libera in Patrola and the Procession of the Snake Charmers), which are held during the whole year, are also famous since they display the local culture and traditions.

Abruzzo has based its economy on agriculture and animal husbandry. Therefore, you will be able to eat the most delicious Italian food in every restaurant of the region. Carrots, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and plums are mostly present in Abruzzo dishes. One can find some industries in a special area called the Economic Zone, of Abruzzo, which is designed as an industrial park and surprisingly it includes several pasta manufacturers too.
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